Inventory and Sales Reporting for Restaurants

Make sure your menu is profitable with Shopventory’s robust reporting engine

 A lack of visibility into expiring ingredients, unpopular dishes, and stock forecasting can be challenging. Real-time reporting is essential in order to meet your bottom line. 

Shopventory’s inventory management system connects with your point of sale system and/or online ordering platform to receive real-time sales and inventory data.

Hone in on ingredient stock levels, slow-moving dishes, discount usage, inventory change, and more. Shopventory reports are the key to a profitable menu.

Restaurant employees reviewing ingredient reporting

A Recipe For Success

 Designing a restaurant, food truck, or quick service menu using accurate inventory and sales reports will help increase your profits and sales. Easily identify dishes that aren’t moving, like the new carrot and coconut soup, or reduce order amounts for ingredients that always get thrown away. 


With a reporting platform, you have access to the information you need to make every dish a best seller with data, not intuition. 

Inventory Management Reporting Benefits

  • Accurate sales and inventory valuation

  • Visibility on what ingredients are moving and what has been sitting in your pantry

  • Insight on change in cost so you always have good profit margins

  • Compare sales performance against different locations

  • Always know when to reorder ingredients and supplies

  • Operate with precision, such as re-ordering stock or even A/B testing

Restaurant Special from Excess Ingredients

How to Start a Foodservice Reporting Strategy

In order to have a successful reporting strategy you need accurate data that informs your menu. While some managers use an inventory list or templates, tracking them takes a significant amount of time and leaves room for human error. 


Some POS systems and online ordering platforms have limited reporting capabilities built-in. However, they tend to be rudimentary and don’t have a comprehensive look at everything in your fridge or pantry.


Shopventory’s Inventory Management Software Reporting Capabilities

Using Shopventory’s inventory management software means access to our powerful reporting engine. Have instant visibility to the data you need for all your locations, including prep kitchen, food truck, and back-of-house, without an additional costly reporting app. 


Whether you want an in-depth report on last week’s sales performance, or you just want to see how long your current stock of ribeye will last. Shopventory provides valuable insights for your needs. 


With Shopventory’s robust inventory management system, you’re ready to create a profitable menu with strategies formed with accurate data. 


Restaurant POS Systems & E-Commerce Channels We Partner With

Shopventory Custom Reports

Custom report dashboards are unique to Shopventory’s inventory management app for complete control of the data you want to see and how you see it. Building a custom report dashboard allows you to have more control over what information you see and how you display it. 


Choose from a variety of inventory and sales widgets, the timeframe you would like to see, and what locations you want to display. Common foodservice custom report dashboards include the Unsold Products report, Tips Collected report and Number of Transactions.

Sales Reports

Once all your locations are connected with Shopventory’s inventory management app, we’ll pull in all your historical sales information so you can immediately begin using reports. Eliminate “guesstimating” with detailed profitability reports so you can make menu decisions confidently and report with accuracy.

Inventory Reports

Currently, most POS or e-commerce platforms do not have the ability to report on inventory change. Inventory reports are essential for exact profitability, pricing menu items, viewing remaining stock, and more. Inventory reports are based on Shopventory’s record-keeping of your inventory levels, eliminating the need for those confusing excel templates. Tracking for these reports begins as soon as you start your free 30-day trial.

Multi-Channel & Location

Shopventory connects inventory counts for all your physical locations and/or online ordering platform so you can automate inventory management no matter where you are. See what locations or channels are performing the best for your restaurant and identify areas for improvements. Access greater insight to what dishes are working on for each location/channel and make more informed purchasing decisions for each unique target market as you open new locations.

User Friendly

Shopventory’s inventory management software was built by business owners, like you, so our robust reporting tool is designed with you in mind. Our reports are easy to use with lots of filters and customization options so you can slice and dice the exact data you want, how you want. Export your reports as a CSV file to share with your team and simplify bookkeeping.

Reports We Think You’ll Like

Expiring Inventory

Shopventory allows you to set an “Expiration Date” for each lot of ingredients. Days are counted the moment inventory is received into Shopventory and can be viewed in a product’s lot history.


The Expiring Inventory report shows you the number of lots expiring, the total amount of components expiring, the value of expiring quantity, and the potential profit of expiring ingredients. 


Lower reorder quantities for produce that always seems to go bad or create an inspired special featuring an ingredient that is coming up on its expiration date.

Discount Report

Hold your staff accountable and don’t let discounts sink your bottom line. Shopventory’s inventory management software allows for easy discount tracking for table-service and at the bar. See which receipts received discounts, how much was given, and the total of what was given out. 


Need to manage rogue discounts? Once you run the Discount report you can view the linked receipt from your POS system and see what employee administered it. 

Stock Forecasting Report

Stop overstocking product and wasting precious storage space by knowing exactly when to reorder. Shopventory’s intelligent stock forecast reports will give you a smart prediction of how much time you have left before an ingredient will be out of stock at a specific location. 


This report even tracks the remaining stock for variants, like a side serving of mac and cheese. Each variant has its own stock forecast report based on its sales history. You can even view the Overview report which displays the estimated time remaining on all variants of a specific product, such as muffin flavors. 


Additionally, use minimum stock levels to create custom Alerts and receive a notification when it’s time to re-order so you never run out of stock again.

More Reports for Foodservice Businesses

Bundling Report

See the makeup for a bundle, such as the individual components in a Manhattan cocktail
View the cost for each bundle and the amount of the product that will be deducted per order

Inventory Change Report

Access how inventory levels have changed over a certain time prior and their total value
View manual deductions, sales, and additions

Dead Inventory Report

See how much revenue is tied up in aging stock
View the number of days since the product last sold and how much you have on hand

Resources for Your Restaurant

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