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Turn Square Receipts Into A Big Opportunity

Oh, receipts. Not typically the most exciting part of running a business... until now. Earlier this month, Square introduced a new receipt feature called Square Feedback for the Register app to help business owners capitalize on that little printed (or digital) slip. receipt

We know many of you are already familiar with Square receipts, but if you aren't, here's how it works: As a customer, Square saves your information (based on your credit card swipe) and saves email address and allows you to choose whether you wan't your receipt emailed to you or printed at the store.

Until recently, this was just a missed opportunity for business owners—an under-utilized point of contact with your customers. Now, in addition to the standard receipt information, Square merchants can add something else to the receipt—a feedback request. It's an additional $10/month subscription-based service for business owners, but that investment could allow you to resolve customer issues right away before they pop up in an online review later.

With this service, your customers will be able to tap on a smiley face or frowny face and take a short checkbox survey based on multiple aspects of the purchase. You can ask customers about wait time, customer service, quality and "other." The most useful part of this feature is perhaps the text box where they can leave some details about their experience at your shop. It's like a digital comment card!

The receipt then becomes a platform, giving your customers an extra opportunity to communicate with you, provide you with new ideas, identify problems (before they show up in a Yelp review later) or just send you a smiley face right back. It doesn't take the place of human interaction—of course—but the more avenues you can provide to communicate with your customers, the better.

Have you tried this receipt feature yet on your Register app? Let us know what you think so far in the comments?