Retail and the 5 Senses, Part 4: Taste

Retail and the 5 Senses, Part 4: Taste

Ever walk out of a business with a good taste in your mouth, even if it wasn’t a restaurant? For food and drink-based businesses, the importance of taste is obvious. For retailers, not so much…

You're Being Reviewed

You're Being Reviewed

The advent of sites like Yelp, Angie's ListHundredX, Facebook, Google Reviews, and scores of others has absolutely changed the game in retail, especially for the food service industry. This means Customers will be drawn to— or driven from— your business before they even leave the house...

5 Basics You Need to Know to Cash In On "Pokémon Go"

If you've been out in the streets at any point in the past couple of weeks, you may have noticed people even more engaged with their phones than normal. You may also have heard or seen something about the summer phenomenon that is Pokémon Go...

Square Introduces New Restaurant Takeout App

That moment when you're staring at your computer obsessing about lunch just got a little more exciting. Square may have just dropped Wallet from the app store, but also launched a new one called Square Order. This restaurant app allows you to browse merchants near you, find out estimated wait times, put in a takeout order, pay for it using the credit card linked to your account, enter a tip and receive a ping when your order is ready to be picked up.

via Square

Before you get too hungry (or hangry), we should let you know that Square's new Square Order app is only available in San Francisco and New York City. The iOS app is available for download now, with Android still in beta testing.

Currently, the takeout options are just a hint of what could come. The app allows users to suggest new restaurants, meaning that there may be quite a bit of change in that area. A reporter for the SF Weekly noted about 35 options at the time of her order, ranging from boutique bakeries to Whole Foods.

square order takeout

Similar on-demand food products have been emerging left and right in recent years, both in the app store and online. Various rapid delivery services, seating wait lists and others are trying to take a bite out of the food industry, so we'll be interested to see how Square Order fits into this tech space. Many of said apps haven't made it out of the Bay Area, but we'll be waiting (impatiently) for at least a few of them to launch in Southern California.

If you're based in the SF or NYC market and interested in getting your restaurant listed on Square Order, we'll be blogging about the setup process in another post soon.