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Retail and the 5 Senses, Part 3: Smell

Retail and the 5 Senses, Part 3: Smell

… the brick-and-mortar experience boils down to the five senses. Those are the only means your customers have to experience your business, so making sure each sense is catered to is vital…

Retail and the 5 Senses, Part 2: Touch

Retail and the 5 Senses, Part 2: Touch

When selling products, there are certain events that raise the likelihood a customer will buy a product. A customer sees the inventory, that’s step one. They walk over to it and stop to look, step two. But once a customer actually touches the item, the likelihood of them making the purchase increases dramatically…

3 Ways Your Inventory Is Trying to Get Your Attention

3 Ways Your Inventory Is Trying to Get Your Attention

We all get distracted sometimes. It’s natural, especially in the hustle and bustle of retail. Letting the occasional distraction turn into a pattern is where problems start to arise. Fortunately, you can use your inventory as a barometer for your business and take concrete steps to make sure the occasional distraction doesn’t end up sinking the ship...

Visual Merchandising: How Does Color Affect A Customer?

We talk a lot about inventory management in our blog, but we also love to delve into ways to help you actually sell that inventory. In the world of business owners looking to market their products, color is one of the pillars of visual merchandising. For some businesses, color is one of the most powerful tools that can attract customers and subtly encourage them to buy. Why is visual merchandising with color so important?

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Color effects mood.

A person's mood can have a huge effect on buying decisions, so choosing the right color scheme for your shop, branding and product displays can really ensure that your store looks extra attractive to customers and sets the tone for their experience.  Not only can strong contrasting colors (like those in the image above) can draw attention quickly, but they can inspire different feelings. Emotionally, cool colors like green and blue provoke calmness and feelings of trust (there's a reason why spas rely on these colors like there's no tomorrow) while warm colors are associated with happiness, action and excitement. Black can be kind of a downer sometimes, but it's also the color of the classic and chic. 

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Color can make a person hungry.

Color's effects are not limited to retail. In a 2012 Cornell University study, researchers found that people ate 22% more when eating from plates that matched their food, so if your food truck is hosting an all-you-can-eat lobster boil, make sure those plates are anything but red! And have you ever wondered why nearly every fast food joint in the world uses yellow and red as their primary colors? Well, yellow grabs people's attention in a joyful sort of way and red correlates to speed, subliminally driving people to eat and leave more quickly and feel confident they will get their food in a speedy manner. In a study of color in marketing by the University of Winnipeg, researchers found that blue is used often by more formal restaurants to create a serene environment, but too much blue can actually be an appetite suppressant (obviously not the intention of a restaurant who wants to sell more food). On a personal level, if you want to trick your kids (or yourself) into eating 22% more veggies, try a green plate.


Color can be associated with certain industries.

Some colors have very strong connections to certain ideas or industries, so Entrepreneur stresses thinking about these associations when you brand or re-brand your business. Even shades within one color are subliminally linked to very different things. Take green, for example. Bright green is highly associated with nature and environmentally friendly industries, while a deep green is associated with wealth, prestige and outdoorsmen. While it's not a hard and fast rule that you should remain faithful to your industry's colors, it's an important thing to note when developing your brand.


For more visual merchandising inspiration beyond color alone, please check out our Pinterest board full of amazing store windows, displays and product styling.


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