How To Scare Your Customers

With the spookiest of holidays drawing near, it's about time you start figuring out how you're going to freak your customers out this Halloween. Maybe you want to rig up some plastic spiders to descend on them at the checkout counter. Or go with the old severed hand(shake) trick. Or you could take a cue from North Face in Korea and orchestrate a ridiculously elaborate marketing prank involving your entire store. north-face-floor-final-hed-2014

The stunt was part of a campaign called "Never Stop Exploring." Customers enter a normal-looking pop-up shop and the adventure begins. Suddenly the scare is on! The floor begins to disappear and they wind up stuck to a rock climbing wall, putting their sportiness to the test (hey, they are North Face customers, after all). The results are pretty hilarious and come with increasingly cheesy music.


Normally we'd advise against scaring your customers, but when done right, a fun prank can go a long way towards gaining publicity, going "viral" and humanizing your brand.

Have any Halloween tricks up your sleeve? Let us know in the comments!