Shopventory Now Supports Inventory Management Across Multiple Locations

We've been working on some fun updates in the secret laboratory for a few weeks now and we're excited to announce that Shopventory now fully supports inventory management for businesses with multiple locations. High fives all around!

With this new multiple location capability, you can now...

-Keep an eye on all your locations from one simple dashboard -Manage a central warehouse -Maintain inventory counts automatically for off-site pop-up shopsfestivals and weekend markets -Make inventory transfers between locations -Update inventory among locations with quick bulk upload spreadsheets customized for your business -Mix and match POS devices—Square at one store and PayPal Here at another? No problem.

We didn't stop at multiple locations—we also just released an update so you can  search and filter inventory while you edit, which we hope will save you some time. When setting an alerts, you can also create an alert based on location, item name, category name or quantity (or any combination) so that your alerts are truly the best for your business.

Our new Standard plan ($59/month) includes support for up to three locations. If you're interested in trying out any of these new features, give us a whirl for free by signing up here or upgrade by emailing us at

With so many of our clients managing multiple locations and participating in off-site sales, we really hope you love this new feature. And if you have any suggestions to make it better, please let us know.

Our best ideas always come from you!