Review of “PayAnywhere” App

If you are looking for a good option for accepting mobile payments, PayAnywhere is a great choice for small and medium sized businesses or people looking to occasionally swipe a credit card. They offer a very reliable credit card reader that works perfectly in tandem with their intuitive app if you take the time to configure it. Though not quite as simple to use or scalable as Square Register and other competing apps, PayAnywhere is compatible with a vast variety of devices. The app already is compatible with iPads, iPhones, Android phones, and even the Blackberry platform, and the company promises that more advances are on the way. Though it only runs on the 3G and 3GS data platforms, it is still compatible with older hardware making it a great choice for those who don’t want to upgrade.Description of PayAnywhere

Created by the company North American Bancard, PayAnywhere offers the same free credit card reader option and pay-per-swipe pricing structure as its top competitors. To its credit, PayAnywhere also offers a slightly lower transaction fee versus Square Register; 2.69% compared to Square’s 2.75%. One of the other major perks that this app offers over competitors is the ability to accept PayPal as a form of payment; though there’s no official connection between the two brands. The aim of PayAnywhere is to increase all business’s abilities to accept any form of legal payment on the fly for the lowest possible transaction fee.

• Free app and free credit card reader • 2.69% per swipe for all card types, including American Express • No monthly minimums, no cancellation fees, no hidden fees • Secure encrypted transactions adhering to PCI compliance standards • Live customer service and technical support • Accept and record credit card and cash payments • Add discounts and customizable tips • GeoTax feature automatically calculates sales tax based on GPS location • AirPrint, Star thermal printer, and Cash Drawer compatibility • Inventory tools for adding products/services with images, custom descriptions, and categories • Customized electronic receipts sent to your customers • Built-in reporting to view sales trends in app • Free online portal with PayAnywhere Inside for detailed account activity

Overall Review


Overall, I would give my review of the PayAnywhere app a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. I really liked the functionality of the app itself, and I appreciated the durable and robust construction of the credit card reader. Though the reader still plugs into your device’s headphone jack, it also grips the side of the device giving it a much more stable platform from which to work. Additionally, I thought that offering Blackberry support was a unique feature, though Blackberry is obviously a dying brand that is soon to be phased out. The pricing is right too; coming in at slightly lower than Square Register and PayPal Here. I docked it one star because the app won’t work with any device capable of more than 3G, so I had to dust off an old phone just to try it out for this review. However, if you are still using an old 3G phone, iPad, or other tablet, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the great features this app offers.