Review of “My Cash Register” App

With the accessibility of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets becoming more prevalent, many shop owners are choosing to use digital cash registers rather than investing in clunky and expensive mechanical cash registers. Though a mechanical cash register is cheaper in comparison to a tablet or smartphone, chances are that you’ll want to own one of these devices for other purposes as well ranging from recreation to business needs such as inventory control. Since you likely already own a compatible device, digital cash registers are the most cost effective and reliable solutions for small retail shops.My Cash Register

Description of My Cash Register

Designed by the popular app company CamelDroid, this is yet another great app aimed at helping retailers bring their business into this century. My Cash Register is exactly what the name infers; a touchscreen cash register that works on your smartphone or tablet. Mobile cash registers are in very high demand these days because they can save you time and money because they are very reliable and install for little or no money on your existing smartphone or tablet. My Cash Register gives you several great features including:

  • You can add your products.
  • You can classify your products by categories and with a specific color.
  • You can add a price and a photo for each product.
  • You can add products on a cash register ticket with the scanner or by clicking on a specific item.
  • You can export your ticket to PDF or text and send it by email.
  • You can manage your stock thanks to the check in-out entries.
  • You can create backup files and export your tickets, check-in/out entries, or products to csv or xml that you can open directly in Excel.
  • You can import your products from Excel.
  • You can synchronize the app between multiple devices.
  • You can add payments.
  • You can link a ticket with a Client/Table.
  • You can add custom items in all reports.

There are two versions of My Cash Register available; the paid version and the free version. The benefits of the paid version include an ad-free user experience and the ability to import items via an excel spreadsheet.

My Review


Overall, I would give the “”My Cash Register” app a rating of 3 out of 5 stars. This digital cash register app offers a lot of great features that most retailers and shopkeepers will find useful such as the ability to export to an Excel file or save reports to a PDF file for easy emailing and data sharing. However, as we move closer to a completely digital world, the My Cash Register app doesn’t offer the ability to swipe credit cards like many other digital cash registers, so it loses 2 stars because of this lack of a crucial feature.