Debut of Square’s New Website

After the recent announcement of their new credit card reader, Square has also debuted their newly designed website and dashboard. This has been a much-awaited release after Square updated their popular Square Register application several weeks back with new features and a simpler user experience.Square’s goal, as stated by company spokespeople, is to bring the website towards the same direction that all users want web design to go. This means the same ease of use across all devices in all countries in the world. With this in mind, Square put a lot of effort into the new design so it would function identically on a PC, tablet, or phone without having to change a user’s habits whatsoever. Additionally, their new site is embracing vector animations which are scalable without quality loss and able to stream at the maximum refresh rate of 60fps for smooth scrolling.

It is also very clear with the new design that Square is putting more steam behind the Square Marketplace platform in a big way. Additionally, they are putting a very strong emphasis on their hardware and retail technology including the Square Stand and their newly redesigned Square Register app for iPads. Overall, the new Square website does a much better job conveying the products and services that the company is focusing on currently rather than just being a gateway to the mobile payment dashboard like it has over the last few years.

Though there are sure to be some more tweaks on the horizon to their new website (especially in the dashboard area), it is clear to see the direction that Square is aiming for with its current and future products just by looking at the new design. Though the market is very fluid right now and they may find it necessary to change the site again sooner than later, they are pushing the envelope forward for website designers across the board with their new and attractive design.