Review of “SCANPET” Inventory Barcode Scanner

More and more small businesses are looking to benefit from the simple technologies that devices such as smartphones can bring to their business, and sending or receiving product is no exception. Unless you are getting raw materials to create your final product, nearly anything that will come into your stock will have a barcode to allow for easy tracking of goods. In fact, even many of those raw materials will have their own barcode; even if it’s on a printed piece of paper on a clipboard. With the camera on a smartphone, you can easily scan barcodes with very high efficiency using an app such as SCANPET and save your business money versus buying expensive handheld barcode readers.Description of SCANPET

SCANPET is a great inventory manager app for Android devices. If features a barcode scanner portion of the app along with a section to manage your inventory. All the information is contained within an Excel file for easy use and export into other formats. It simply uses your camera to scan the barcode, lookup the item within the Excel spreadsheet database file, and save the scan as a one item added to the inventory count.

Essentially, SCANPET can be used as your stock and inventory manager using any onboard smartphone camera into an Excel spreadsheet. It can be a great tool to keep track of inventory at warehouses or shipping and receiving goods from a retail location.

SCANPET Features

SCANPET features tons of powerful options and is highly configurable to adapt to a large variety of situations. Users can configure their barcode scanner for a variety of purposes including:

  • Warehouse Management: Use the barcode reader and Excel file as your warehouse or retail location’s barcode terminal.
  • Inventory Management: The barcode scanner can make inventory and taking stock in your warehouse or retail environment a cinch.
  • Home Inventory: Take inventory of your possessions for insurance purposes or catalog your Book, DVD, and CD collections.
  • Store Inventory Control: Instead of inventorying each individual item, they are divided into categories that are identified with a single barcode to control stock categories.
  • Wifi Scanner: You can use your smartphone as the scanner and transmit the data to a PC via a wireless connection. This allows you to scan items anywhere within the range of your network but store the data in one centralized location.
  • GPS Points of Interest (POIs): Record GPS coordinates of the places you visit or where inventory scans occurred.
  • Compatible With E-Commerce: Use with popular e-commerce platforms such as osCommerce, Prestashop, Magento, Ecommerce, etc.
  • GoogleDrive and Dropbox: You can store your Excel file in your GoogleDrive or Dropbox account for access anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Others possibilities: Use your creativity to use SCANPET for other neat chores such as tracking sales, payments, shipments, meetings attendance, patient control, building accounting reports, and much more!

My Review

4 Stars

Overall, I give the SCANPET inventory barcode scanner app a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. It really works well as far as the barcode scanner is concerned, but I docked it one star for the best features requiring you to pay for the full app. They plague the whole app with ads (which I don’t mind if it’s free), but buying the full version unlocks all the pro features while leaving a good chunk of these ads in place. As far as the actual function of the app, everything seems to work as advertised. Though I don’t think an Excel file alone can take care of a company’s inventory, it can be exported in a huge variety of formats for import into popular inventory tracking software choices for easy manipulation.