Square Attempting to Grow Presence in New York City

Square recently announced that it acquired a group of team members that developed Viewfinder; a photo sharing app that was crafted in New York City. By bringing this team into Square’s New York office, the mobile payment giant is hoping to expand their reach into the POS market in shops around the city. Some of the other credentials that the team offers from their resume are the creation of GIMP (an open source photo editing software similar to Adobe Photoshop) and working for Google on various projects.The skill set the team brings to the table is less about contributing to Square’s programming and more about the talent they have to offer overall, according to spokespeople for the company. The skills required to create a photo sharing app are quite different than a payment gateway, be the procedures behind the scenes to build partnerships and continuing to grow resources are the same for any successful application.

However, there is much speculation that Square brought the team on to redesign the user interface for the app. When the team crafted Viewfinder, they blended simple navigation and human experience to create a unique and simple interface to toggle to your favorite photos regardless of how many you had stored in your account. With so much changing at a rapid pace in the smart device market, having a top-tier team to change with the flow is crucial to the company’s future success.

According to Square, the team will work on “seller initiatives” in an attempt to expand their reach in the New York City market. If Square can get a major lock on that city, it will go a long way to solidifying a leader in the mobile payment industry which is currently a hotly contested arena. With Square making the move to triple the size of their east coast time during 2014, experts agree that this latest addition is a step in the right direction.

Though Square has not commented on the specifics of this new acquisition of talent, Viewfinder is reportedly going to remain open for business. However, the app will no longer be offering customer service; though the ease of use the app provides can handle most issues with their online knowledge base alone.