ShopKeep Releases New POS System in Time for Holidays

ShopKeep is one of the largest contenders in mobile point of sale software solutions, and the shorter holiday season for 2013 has led them to do some revamps on their popular system. With Thanksgiving marking the official beginning of the holiday shopping season, many retailers are stressed by the fact that there will be 6 less shopping days between then and Christmas compared to the 2012 shopping season. This ultimately means that there will be more crowded parking lots, stores, and checkout lines so the need for speeding up the purchasing experience has never been greater.ShopKeep image

ShopKeep has answered this call by releasing a new version of their app that aims to handle that very problem. ShopKeep has released a new version of their iPad register app to make paying for goods at retails locations a faster process. Much like their leading competition, Square Register, merchants can now color-code their item buttons in a custom fashion as well as group items into categories for fast navigation and speedy ringing up of products.

Also, ShopKeep is putting a very heavy focus on reducing the burdensome process of printing receipts and orders that are the cause of most POS system delays. By making these improvements, ShopKeep users in restaurants can now print their orders to more than one printer such as the server’s stand for their records as well as to the kitchen so they can prepare the order. Optionally, if you are a much smaller operation, you can send duplicate copies of orders or receipts to the same printer for the same purposes. Each piece of the new update is designed to be customizable, which is a trend users can expect in all new features released by ShopKeep in the future.

These restaurant features are especially important to ShopKeep users because more than half of their customers are in “quick serve” fields like bakeries and coffee shops that will benefit from these services. The other portion of their user base are small stores like clothing stores and boutiques that could just as easily use PayPal Here or Square Register to handle their transactions, so finding their niche within the quick serve restaurant community is vital to their long-term success as a payment provider.