Staples Now Selling Square Stand

When Square released its new physical cash register component called Square Stand, the largest question on consumer’s minds was where they were going to purchase it. Though you can acquire one through the Square website, having to wait for an item to be shipped can be a bit of a turn off. Also, if you are a merchant who already uses the Square Stand, then having the ability to go to a brick and mortar store for a replacement stand is a crucial part of the market appeal. Fortunately, Square announced recently that they have finalized a deal with the office supply giant Staples to do just that.First released in May of 2013, the Square Stand is a $299 attachment piece to a standard sized iPad that turns it into a full-fledged POS system in conjunction with the Square Register app. The relationship with Staples is also very important because the Square Stand expands the uses of Square from simply taking credit cards on a smartphone to a commercially useable platform. Expanding the usability of Square is vital to stay competitive, especially with well-established companies like PayPal targeting their success.

While the overall success of the Square Stand is somewhat unclear, having them available for purchase in Staples stores will undoubtedly give them a quintessential boost. This can be attributed to the ease of walking into a store to buy one, having them available to demo, and the fact that buying a product that you’ve never used online can be intimidating. Also, reluctant business owners who have been using other types of POS systems will be hesitant to make the change, something that having them available in Staples should also help with.

This major deal with Staples comes on the heels of making deals with several retail locations to offer the traditional Square credit card reader that plugs into the headphone jack of smartphones and tablets. Square has made deals with Apple, Best Buy, Staples, and Starbucks to carry the readers for a combined 30,000 locations in the United States. Its unclear how many other locations will potentially carry the Square Stand for sales, but Square certainly gives the indication that it is looking for more potential retailers.