Square Register Adds Kitchen Tickets

The restaurant industry is buzzing about a new feature in Square Register; the inclusion of kitchen tickets into their increasingly popular mobile payment application. Though there are already thousands of companies in all types of business genres using Square Register because of its low cost and ease of use, the company has made some improvements and added specific features to take a bite out of the restaurant POS market. While there are other mobile POS companies out there trying to build software specifically for restaurant use, the demand for a company that doesn’t charge monthly fees or require expensive hardware and contracts has led to the expansion from the mobile payment giant.For those who are unaware, Square Register is a point-of-sale system that is based on the iPad or Android tablet platforms that allows cashiers to accept payments for goods and services. Additionally, managers can set permissions for their cashiers to control how much access they have over sales records and various functions. Though Square Register offers customer data about payments, transactions, and other vital metrics to help you run and control your business, Square recommends using third party software such as Shopventory for your Square inventory and sales management needs.

The big news with this rollout of adding kitchen tickets to the Square Register system is that it will give them the foothold needed to take over the food industry by enhancing the entire experience at the counter beyond just the customer making their payment. With these new features, cashiers can both add the customer’s name to the ticket as well as customize food orders with modifiers so that you can customize the information sent to the kitchen with notes and details about the order. For instance, if you wanted extra cheese on a burger, the cashier could make a note of this using an order modifier before it is sent to the kitchen. Then, after the customer pays for their order, you can print the receipt which is sent wirelessly to the kitchen for preparation as well as to the printer at the counter for your customer’s records.

According to Square, tens of thousands of food-related businesses have made the shift to using their iPad and tablet POS system in the last two years, but most were holding out for the functionality this new feature provides. Though the update is small and doesn’t affect other types of merchants using Square Register, the rate that food companies move to this platform is expected to increase dramatically on the heels of these additional options and features.