Mobile POS Systems vs. Traditional POS Systems

Lately, in the world of commerce, there has been a seismic shift from using traditional POS systems that are wired into a single location to systems that are completely mobile and able to be positioned wherever is convenient at the moment. Fueled by a growing demand to have the ability to make a sale wherever you happen to be, there are applications emerging to fit this need including Square Register, PayPal Here, and a whole plethora of other systems. While using a mobile POS system vs. a traditional POS system has its clear advantages, choosing the application to power your new mobile POS is a crucial decision that should be well thought out.POS System

Advantages of Square Register

As the most widely acknowledged mobile POS application, Square Register is the most trusted and used system to transform an archaic stationary POS into a full-fledged mobile POS system. Square offers free signup and send you their credit card readers for free, while the application itself is free and easy to download on any iOS or Android device. Also, with the inclusion of such features as Square Wallet, Square gives its users the cutting-edge tools of tomorrow as cash and credit cards are steadily beginning to be phased out.

Advantages of PayPal Here

As the top competitor of Square Register, PayPal Here offers a similar design that is used with their popular online payment system. In fact, PayPal is the largest online payment gateway in use today, so making the jump to mobile credit card processing was a logical choice. However, their application is much less robust than that of the Square Register and is more of a mobile credit card swiper than a full POS system. If you simply need the ability to swipe credit cards on the fly and have it deposit directly into your existing PayPal account, then PayPal Here is likely a great fit for you. Unfortunately, if you are in need of a more comprehensive mobile POS system, PayPal Here may leave you wanting more and choosing an application such as Square Register may be a better fit for your business.

Tracking Mobile Sales and Inventory

As with any POS system, the ability to track your sales and manage your inventory is crucial to the success of the system. If you have a single location with a limited number of items to keep track of, then the built in functions for both Square Register and PayPal Here will suffice for your bookkeeping needs. However, if you’re like most businesses, you either have far too many items or too many locations to keep track of your incoming and outgoing stock on a piece of paper with any degree of accuracy.

Fortunately, our mobile inventory software works with Square Register and PayPal Here to give you all the tools you need to track your sales and inventory across multiple locations. Just as the need for mobile POS systems has grown exponentially over the recent years, the need for business management tools to become mobile has also become a reality. Shopventory allows you to access your sales and inventory data for Square Register and PayPal Here from any location and any device regardless of where you are in the world. When you combine a great mobile POS system with the vital business management tools needed to run your business to its full potential, you can have a truly mobile POS and business management suite to proudly take your company into the 21st century.