Cool Businesses Use Mobile POS’s article reprises what we know - small businesses are rapidly turning their iPads and tablets into mobile points-of-sale instead of buying into the antiquated points-of-sale systems.This adaptation to a new system isn’t just hype. There is exponential growth ahead. The article goes on to confidently state that, “Over the next three to five years, many of the existing larger and pricier points-of-sale systems will be replaced with iPads.”

With these new POS systems, companies are satisfied with their initial gains: easy-to-use interface, simplicity, new technology and lower cost. What they realize later is that for all the benefits they sacrificed the data that the older systems provided.

This is where the passion and existence of Shopventory comes from. We give businesses the quantitative clarity they lack with a basic mobile POS system. 90% of small businesses fail in the first year because of initial large costs and then inaccurately forecasting sales and spend, driving them towards bankruptcy. Shopventory provides the tools to avoid that.

Mobile POS systems are cool and easy. Shopventory makes them smart.

What a combination.