Simplify Retail Supply Chain Management

Increase inventory control across your entire supply chain with order management and fulfillment tools that put customer satisfaction first.

Keep A Healthy Retail Supply Chain

Your inventory is your retail store’s biggest asset, which means you need a system you can rely on to reduce stockouts, order the right products, and meet customer demand. Retail supply chain management means tracking inventory from purchase orders to your customer’s hands. For a healthy supply chain your retail store needs order management and receiving processes.

How To Build A Resilient Supply Chain

Supply chain inventory management is all about logistics. Don’t let that scare you off though, luckily that means you can put automation in place to keep everything running smoothly, even in a fast-paced environment.

Optimize inventory costs

The inventory sitting on your shelves and back office costs you every day that it does not sell. Look at your sales data and inventory storage and identify dead stock so you can place them on sale and invest that profit in more popular products.

Set minimum and maximum levels

Control the amount of stock you carry for each product so it’s not wasting storage space but you’re not subject to stockouts. Use Thrive’s demand forecasting to make sure your levels are on target or to adjust them as the seasons change.

Vendor management

The key to successful supply chain management is strong vendor relations. Keep track of contract and order fulfillment terms in your inventory management system so you know when to place your next purchase order.

Order management

With so many moving parts you need an inventory system that centralizes order management. Look for one that tracks purchase orders and updates stock levels when receiving your order for real time visibility.

Who We Partner With

Thrive's Retail Supply Chain Management System

Keep your shelves stocked with the products your customers are excited for with tools that make ordering at scale easy. Thrive removes the guesswork from your stock management strategy with the insights, alerts, and forecasting you need to power a healthy business.


Make smarter ordering decisions with data so you know what top-selling products to keep in stock and the trends in customer demand.

Alerts & Min/Max Levels

Streamline re-ordering and know before you run low with min/max levels and custom alerts so you always know exactly what to order and when.


Easily assign each vendor's appropriate products and delivery locations, access vendor reporting, and begin automating purchase orders.

Purchase Orders

Email professionally branded purchase orders to your vendors directly in Thrive, while tracking payment and fulfillment statuses.

Why Retail Businesses Choose Thrive Supply Chain Management

The purchase orders helped us catch some serious issues with vendors adding money to their totals that shouldn't have been there. It also allows for employees to receive the inventory quickly when I'm not there.
Competitive Indoor Airsoft
This is going to help our business replace manual spreadsheets, get a better grip on our COGS and improve our purchasing and restocking processes.
Brookside Health Food Market
It's especially clutch that they added Vendors and Product Types to sync to their integrations. This has saved me a lot of time in my job and I appreciate how much they try to make changes based on what they hear from their customers.
Rivers & Glen Trading Co.
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