The insights you need to stay ahead of the game.


In-Depth Sales Information

No more "guesstimating". Shopventory's powerful, detailed reports give you the profitability information you need to make confident decisions and report with accuracy.

powerful reporting

Discount Tracking

Don't let discounts sink your bottom line. Shopventory allows for easy discount tracking. See which receipts received discounts, how much was given, and get a total of how much was given out. Easy accountability means no more rogue discounts!

discount tracking

Intelligent Forecasts

Shopventory provides intelligent inventory forecasts based on sales history. Our predictive analytics are constantly learning to provide accurate estimates for every product in inventory.

inventory forecasting

Slow-Moving Inventory

Are your shelves gathering dust? See what's not moving easily with Shopventory's Dead Inventory Report. Find out what hasn't sold, and get a full, detailed report. 

old inventory

Detailed Inventory History

Full inventory valuation is a snap, even if you need the inventory information from a week ago! Shopventory can go back and recreate your inventory for a specific date and time. Plus, every item's full history is available to review!

inventory reporting

High-Level Insights

The Inventory Change Report will show how inventory has changed over time. Details are just a click away!

inventory change report

Detailed Sales and Inventory Reporting

Tracking your numbers has never been easier. Whether you want an in-depth report on last week's sales history, or you just want to see how many units were on the shelf this morning, Shopventory provides customized date ranges and snapshots of your inventory. Profits vs. costs: check! Inventory valuation: check! Detailed history broken down by item: check!