Clover Inventory Management For Bars & Pubs

Give your customers exactly what they want while tracking every ingredient from behind the bar to their glass.

Focus On The Perfect Pour, Not Inventory Management

Thrive by Shopventory powers your bar or pub with a system that keeps up with your bartenders’ order list. Connect your pos system for all your locations so you always have real-time inventory valuation and insights to confidently run your business.

Thrive takes tracking ingredient levels, determining healthy prices, and re-ordering off your team’s plate so they can focus on connecting with customers.


Add Modifiers to your Clover toolbox so you can give customers exactly what they want. Save time by tracking inventory levels for each pour in a beer flight, instead of relying on cycle counts after hours.

Thrive Modifiers accurately manage modifications and substitutions, such as top-shelf liquor, and even assign additional costs so you can control profit margins for every drink. Build minimum and maximum rules for products that must have a Modifier selected at checkout. If necessary, determine if a Modifier can only be applied once to reduce error.

Multiple-Location Support

Your regulars at your uptown location might have different tastes than those who frequent your downtown location. Your inventory management software should support that. Thrive was built to be flexible for each individual location with custom management and optimization tools.

Stop wasting time building out your menu for each location. With centralized catalog and inventory management, adding products and Bundles to a new location takes just a few clicks. Now you can have full visibility for all your Clover locations from one platform.

Bundles & Recipes

Your house Manhattan always consists of whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters. Create Bundles in Thrive and track each ingredient as it sells for pre-set combinations. Make your own simple syrup in-house? Build Recipes for accurate inventory valuation as you price the finished product.

Easily break down cases, boxes, bottles, or even a single pour of wine empowering you with more ways to satisfy your customers. Linked quantities mean accurate case break inventory tracking so you never have to guess when to reorder. Just sell the Bundle and Thrive will deduct all its components.

Sales & Inventory Reporting

Unlock the data behind every pour and hone in on exact profitability, expiring ingredients, unpopular drinks, and more. Thrive’s sales and inventory reports provide you with the insights you need to develop a menu your customers can’t stop talking about.

Track which vendors are profitable and keep your costs down by only ordering what your customers actually drink. Meanwhile, our Stock Forecasting report does the math for you so your next purchase order gets sent out in time so you never have to tell a customer you can’t serve them their favorite drink.

Connect Your Clover With Everywhere You Sell

Get started with a free inventory management trial. Sign up with Thrive for one-click integration with your Clover account.

Why Clover Bars And Pubs Choose Thrive

We have been using Thrive by Shopventory for 3 years. We have over 10,000 products and many are variants and different groupings of product packs. It handles it all effortlessly.
Tipple’s Brews & Wine
I’ve been using this software for about 3 years. It provides so much more detail and reporting functionality than Clover alone.
BIN 110
This product is an A+! That said, regardless of how good this product is at managing inventory, the real MVPs at Thrive is the support team.
Shady Creek Winery
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More Bar & Pub Features We Think You’ll Like

Automate Re-Ordering

Set up min/max reorder levels so you know exactly when and how much to order
Assign more than one vendor to a product so you always order based on the best price
Send Purchase Orders, track payments, and access an audit-friendly paper trail

Track Change In Cost

Track profit margins and unit pricing for different variations and competing brands
Access accurate profit margins and inventory valuation so you know where your business stands
Practice cost accountability with your vendors so you’re only paying what the product is worth

Manage User Access

Automate accountability and cash draw monitoring with audit logs
Set custom user permissions and approval settings to control who can make price and inventory adjustments
Every change, transaction, and discount is logged automatically so you can view every entry and the user who initiated it

Free Clover Inventory Management For Bars & Pubs

Join Thrive and start saving on average 1 hour per day per location. Get advanced features such as custom reporting, barcode scanning, automatic purchase orders, price tag printing and more.

All Features Available During Your 30-Day Free Trial
All the tools you need to grow your business
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Inventory Management
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Modifiers Inventory Tracking
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Recipe / Ingredient Managment
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Automated Purchase Orders
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Barcodes & Labels
Barcode Generation
Dymo Label Printing
Brother Label Printing
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Scan-to-Create Stocktakes
Scan-to-Create Invoices
Scan-to-Create Purchase Orders
Scan-to-Create Transfers
Custom Dashboards
Sales Goal Tracking
Franchise Reporting
Product Profitability Reports
Inventory Change Reports
Dead Inventory Reports
Inventory Valuation Reports
Low Inventory Reports
Unsold Product Reports
Saved Reports
Region / District Reporting
Scheduled Reports
Intelligent Stock Forecasting
Customer Managment
Dynamic Price Lists
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