Personalized Onboarding

An extended one-on-one custom training session with a Shopventory expert

A Personal Training Session is a guided tour of your Shopventory account led by a Shopventory expert. This is a detailed conference call that includes one-on-one training and onboarding.


The goal is to get your account set up and your team acquainted with Shopventory’s tools and make sure you’re starting off on the right foot.

Premium Service

Shopventory is known for our exceptional customer care. A Personal Training Session with one of our experts means we sit down with you and your company’s data to help you get set up.


Click the blue chat button in the lower right corner to book your session


Expertise for Every Tool

The goal of these sessions is to get you fully confident with Shopventory’s tools and processes. We will walk you through the Shopventory suite of tools and even create a few examples in your inventory.


Click the blue chat button to book your session

Recorded for Playback Later

Get the video recording of your session for playback after the session has ended. Each session is recorded securely and shared with you via a private, unlisted link. So you can share what you learned with your team later on.


Click the blue chat button to book your session

Get in Touch to Get Started

Use the blue chat bubble at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to send us a message to get started with a training service. We’ll be in touch to discuss exactly what your business needs and the appropriate price for the service.


All fees for professional training services are due before the training occurs and are non-refundable.

Features of Shopventory’s Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management that works in Real-Time

Easily see and track profitability
Real time reporting and data
Email alerts for refunds and zero-dollar transactions
Ingredient inventory tracking by bundling items

Email Alerts - Instantly

Know precisely when quantities dip below a set threshold
Location based alerts that can be based on multi-conditions that are intelligent.
Category notifications that are customized

Decision-Ready Reports

Become savvy when it comes to your businesses profit margins, sales data, and inventory management
Reports that tell you your slow-moving inventory and transactions that were discounted
Simplified reporting with immediate access to total inventory value
Try Shopventory Free

Join Shopventory and start saving on average 1 hour per day per location. Get advanced features such as custom reporting, barcode scanning, automatic purchase orders, price tag printing and more.

All Features Available During Your 30-Day Free Trial
You're growing and need more tools like PO's, barcode scanning and more
Starting at $79/mo
Starting at $199/mo
Starting at $399/mo
Starting at $799/mo
Locations / Integrations
Products / Items / SKUs
Transactions Per Month
Order History
3 Years
Reporting History
3 Years
Global Currency Support
Dashboard Reporting App
Barcode Scanner App
Alexa Voice Command
Catalog / Menu Management
SKU Creation
Lot COGS Management
Custom Reporting Engine
Product Profitability Reports
Theft / Discount Reports
Inventory Change Reports
Dead Inventory Reports
Inventory Valuation Reports
Low Inventory Reports
Low Stock Alerts
Price Tag / Label Printing
Stocktakes and Approvals
Pricing Calculator
Modifiers Configuration
Modifiers Inventory Tracking
Expiration Dates
Vendor Management
Vendor Performance Reports
Warehouse Feature
Internal Transfers
PAR Levels
Automatic Purchase Orders
Kits & Bundles Management
Recipe / Ingredients Tracking
Spreadsheet Upload Tools
User Access Permissions
Barcode Scan Stocktakes
Barcode Scan Invoices
Barcode Scan Purchase Orders
Barcode Scan Transfers
Intelligent Stock Forecasting
Automatic Stock Transfers
Beta Feature Access
Google for Retail Integration
QuickBooks Daily Sync
Optional +$30

*Inordinate data request or API volume may be throttled or blocked at the sole discretion of Shopventory.