A Personal Training Session is a 45-minute (90 minutes for Professional & Elite) guided tour of your Shopventory account led by a Shopventory expert. This is a detailed conference call that includes one-on-one training and onboarding.

The goal is to get your account set up and your team acquainted with Shopventory's tools and make sure you're starting off on the right foot. 

You can also attend Shopventory 101, our FREE weekly webinar which introduces all the basics of Shopventory. Learn more


Premium Service

Shopventory is known for our exceptional customer care. A Personal Training Session with one of our experts means we sit down with you and your company's data to help you get set up. 

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Expertise for Every Tool

The goal of these sessions is to get you fully confident with Shopventory's tools and processes. We will walk you through the Shopventory suite of tools and even create a few examples in your inventory. 

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Recorded for Later Playback

Get the video recording of your session for later playback. Each session is recorded securely and shared with you via a private, unlisted link. So you can share with your team later on as needed.

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Straightforward Pricing

A Personal Training Session is a one-time setup fee; paid before the session is booked. Pricing is based on the number of locations being set up in accordance with the existing plan limits on our pricing page.

  • Basic/Starter/Standard (1-3 locations) — $199

  • Professional (4-10 locations) — $299

  • Elite (11-25 locations) — $399

  • Enterprise (26+ locations) — Contact Us for pricing

  • Shopventory 101 Webinar — FREE Learn more


The Shopventory 101 webinar is also available to anyone free of charge. Learn more



Shopventory imports your sales from any supported point-of-sale or e-commerce solution and syncs your daily sales numbers and payments by type to QuickBooks Online.

Seamless Syncing to QuickBooks Online

Get started with a free inventory management trial. Sign up with Shopventory for one-click integration with your QuickBooks Online account.



Shopventory Platform Features

Real-Time Inventory Management

  • Use per-item cost to see profitability

  • Real-time tracking and insights

  • Email alerts on refunds and zero-dollar transactions

  • Bundle items for ingredient-level inventory tracking

Instant Email Alerts

  • Know the moment when quantities fall below a threshold

  • Intelligent, multi-condition alerts based on location

  • Customize notifications based on category

Decision-Ready Reports

  • Understand inventory, profit margin, and sales data

  • Reporting on discounted transactions and slow-moving inventory

  • Quick access to total inventory value for simplified reporting