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We know using a new tool for your business can seem a bit overwhelming at first. That’s why we created this guide to walk you through your new account! This guide will help you optimize your inventory, simplifying your work and saving you time each day.

Prefer to have a paper copy? Download our PDF checklist.

Thrive Inventory by Shopventory

Thrive connects with Shopify, Square, Clover, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and PayPal Here. Once your import is complete, you’ll be able to instantly access reporting and manage your product inventory for all your integrations in one central location. 

Moving forward, all product and inventory changes should be made exclusively in Thrive. Thrive Inventory by Shopventory will immediately sync out stock counts and product information to your POS system and/or e-commerce platform. Sales information will be sent from your connected integrations to Thrive and will automatically deduct inventory as you sell. 

Single Location/Integration - Connect your integration

Multiple Location/Integration - Connect all your integrations

Please reach out to our implementation team to ensure you get the correct setup using the green chat bubble on the bottom right of your account or email us at

Identify the integration/location with the inventory you want to build your catalog off of. This should be your most accurate pull of inventory

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The Basics

Your Thrive account is looking a bit empty right now, let’s change that!

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Access Control: Invite Your Team

Thrive Inventory Access Control allows you to have multiple users on your account with custom permissions. Access Controls also include a full Audit Log so you can review changes made by each user.

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Reporting: See Where Your Inventory Stands

Real-time reporting is essential in order to optimize your inventory. Thrive Inventory connects with your point of sale system and/or e-commerce platform to receive real-time sales and inventory data. We have a number of inventory reports so you can hone in on inventory valuation, slow-moving products, discount usage, inventory change, and more. 

Additionally, custom report dashboards are unique to Thrive, giving you complete control of the data you want to see and how you see it. 

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Inventory Set Up


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Vendor Management: Easily Manage Suppliers

Your vendors, or suppliers, are the foundation of your business. Without proper vendor management, sustainable growth and success are hard to manage. Vendor management simply refers to managing relationships with the reps and businesses you purchase your products from. 

Thrive Inventory organizes all your vendor information in our secure platform so you don’t have to purchase additional, costly third-party apps. Access the vendor information you need, eliminating that pile of business cards or half-filled out spreadsheet templates.

Note: Our system allows you to assign one product to multiple vendors, making it easy to order from different suppliers to find the best cost week over week

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Purchase Orders: Automate Receiving New Inventory

Thrive Inventory’s simple, powerful tracking system streamlines creating and receiving a shipment. Purchase Orders allow you to track the actual cost of each lot of inventory in your system, making your accounting precise and accurate.

By this point your brand’s logo and vendor information should be in Thrive which means we will do the heavy lifting, saving you hours each week.

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Stock Counts: Keep your inventory in check

Thrive Inventory shows any stock discrepancies and pushes out stock count updates to all your integrations at once. You can view or download previous Stocktake cycle count reports giving you better transparency on patterns where errors occur and trends allowing you to make more informed business decisions.

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Bundles, variants & modifiers: Simplify inventory tracking

Whether you’re building scratch-made recipes, selling a single glass of wine, or running a simple 2-for-1 sale, Bundles simplify component tracking. Bundles combine products or components together and track the inventory when selling the finished item. Costs and quantities are automatically calculated, so scratch all those complicated spreadsheets. Just build a Bundle and let Thrive Inventory manage the component stock levels.

Thrive Inventory automatically deducts the inventory counts for Modifiers, such as a shot of espresso, extra pickles, or your world-famous secret sauce. Modifiers let you customize and track individual components that make up a product or order at the point of sale

Additionally, designate altered forms or variants of your original products with Variants. This could be (but isn’t limited to) size, flavor, or color. Each Variant has its own inventory quantity and serves as an option for its “parent” product.

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Assemblies: Streamline your production line

Thrive Inventory’s Assemblies tool takes care of deducting and crediting the proper quantities for your product line at the time of creation. So whether you build custom skateboards or bake scratch-made muffins, deduct raw materials with the click of a button.

Assemblies are versatile for all kinds of uses, some of the most common being case breaks, recipes, and managing bills of materials.

Add all your input ingredients and components

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Thrive Wholesale

Grow Your wholesale business

Simplify your growing wholesale business with one inventory management platform for all the ways you sell. Once your wholesale customers are added to Thrive Inventory by Shopventory, easily create price lists and manage invoices for direct orders.

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Thrive Metrics

Customizable reporting dashboards

Power a healthy business with detailed insights and customizable reporting Dashboards, keep your finger on the pulse no matter where you are. 

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Change the Way You Do Business

Enter a form of payment so you experience uninterrupted service once your 30-day free trial ends. Don’t worry, we won’t charge you until after your trial has ended including an additional 30-day money back guarantee.

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