It's All About Problem-Solving

It's easy to end up stocked with slow-moving items and low-profit products. Identify and fix inventory problems using real-time reporting that highlights trouble-spots.
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Never send a customer over to a competitor. Shopventory lets you know before you run low with powerful, condition-based alerts. Never say, "I'm sorry, we don't have it in stock," again. 



Create new items out of existing inventory. Bundles makes it easy to manage ingredients, combine inventory components, and have alternate versions of your existing inventory. No more complicated gymnastics, just bundle your items and let Shopventory handle the complexities.

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Get your true profitability. See a full valuation of your inventory. Find out what's not selling. Easily track discounts. Shopventory's powerful reporting tools give you the information you need to make the best decisions. 


Vendor Management

Simplify your supply chain. Shopventory Vendor Management lets you easily assign items to your vendors for easy re-ordering. You can also toss all those business cards, Shopventory keeps contact info and internal notes for easy access. 

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Purchase Orders

Handle incoming inventory like a pro. Shopventory purchase orders make receiving a snap. You can create purchase orders with your business logo, and receive them in just a few clicks. A paper trail never looked so good.


User Access Control

Collaborate with your team, manage permissions, and get detailed, user-specific logging. Create roles for your managers, clerks, accountants, or anyone else! Access without sacrificing accountability. 


Spreadsheet Bulk Upload

Easily create, edit and receive inventory with spreadsheets. No downloads, or formatting required thanks to Shopventory's direct integration with Google Sheets®!


Barcode Scanner Mobile App

Use your iOS or Android device to easily and quickly receive and reconcile inventory quantities using the camera. No extra equipment necessary!

Dashboard Mobile App

Get real-time business insights and updates on your iOS or Android device. Live push notifications keep you informed!


Daily Syncing to QuickBooks

Connect QuickBooks Online and let Shopventory automatically sync daily sales summaries from your POS/E-Commerce integration along with detailed inventory information from Shopventory!


Sales reporting via Amazon Alexa

“Alexa, how’s the shop?” Get insights on the go with direct integration to Amazon Alexa®.