We work with thousands of businesses around the world.

Our fully customizable software lends itself to all business types. From salons and wholesalers, to food trucks, toy stores and more. Shopventory is a solution for any business looking to take a major step forward.

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Seamless management across all locations. Online too.

Shopventory allows you to understand and make key decisions for your entire business from one screen.

You can connect your online stores to your brick and mortar locations for a simple, cross-channel experience.

Make an inventory adjustment in our system and have it immediately push to your different sales channels.

Bring your QuickBooks Online account into the picture with our daily sales sync.


Forecast intelligently.

Predict the the future sales of your items based on historical trends.

Predict if a specific location will sell through stock faster than the others.

Predict a hot seller’s remaining time on the shelf so you never run out.

Predict growth.


Advanced reporting. Smarter insights.

Know what items aren’t selling well and the potential profit of those items.

Know how long you have with an item based on past sales.

Know the value of your inventory at any minute in time.

Know if items are being sold at highly discounted rates.

Know if certain vendors are performing better than others.

Know more.

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Invite the whole team.

Give the others in your business access to what’s important.

Perfect for location managers, accountants/bookkeepers, receiving officers, warehouse staff and more.


Stay ahead.

Shopventory’s low stock alerts keeps you up-to-date on the pulse of your store.

Get emails when an item is low.

Set alerts with broad-sweeping conditions, or be notified about the tiniest items running out.

You won’t fall behind.

Keep track of your favorite creations, and the components that make them up.

Great for making recipes. Mix and match your ingredients.

Sell a new gift basket and know the profitability of it and the items inside.

Report on the nuts and bolts. Literally. Never lose track of what it takes to assemble your items.

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Streamline your ordering.

Bring your vendors,

purchase orders,

and transfers all into the same place.

Ditch the spreadsheets and post-it notes.