How to Accept Tips with Square Register

Accepting tips is crucial to many business types such as coffee shops, bakeries, and cafes; which make up a significant chunk of the merchants that utilize Square Register. This is mainly because of the low upfront costs and extreme portability that a phone or tablet based POS system offers these types of small businesses coupled with their ease of use. This notion is carried through beautifully into the process of accepting tips when using Square Register and the process is very simple.The process will vary slightly depending on what device you’re using, but we have outlined the differences in each step. Just follow each step and pay special attention to the notes that pertain to your specific device to make the learning curve as simple as possible.

Accept Tips in Square Register

Accepting Tips

  1. If you are using an iPhone, tap the gear icon. If you are using an Android device, tap the three horizontal lines at the top left of the screen. If you are using an iPad, tap the three vertical lines on the bottom navigation bar.
  2. Next, tap on "Settings" followed by tapping on "Tipping."
  3. Toggle the "Collect Tips" switch to the “On” position.

*Note: If you have the "Signature" settings enabled, the tipping option will automatically be shown on the screen where the customer signs. If you have the “Signature” preference turned off for payments that are under $25, then your customers can select a tip amount after the payment is processed to be added to the original total.

Smart Tip Amounts

There is also another cool feature available called “Smart Tip”. When “Smart Tip” amounts are enabled and configured properly, the tipping system works as follows:

  • If a transaction is less than $10, the available tipping options are: No Tip, $1, $2 or $3.
  • For a transaction $10 or more, the available tipping options are: No Tip, 15%, 20% or 25%.

Custom Tip Amounts

Yet another option for tip-accepting merchants is to configure their POS to accept custom tip amounts. To create custom tipping amounts, tap "Set Percentage Amounts" within your tipping settings. Enabling percentage amounts allows you to enter three custom amounts, which you can adjust at any time. The process to set these up are as follows:

  • Tap each amount field to enter your preferred percentage.
  • To allow your customers to enter a personalized tip amount of their choice, toggle "Allow Custom Amounts" on.

*Note: 100% is the maximum tipping amount. Tip amounts are recorded in your Square Register sales history for reference.