Created by owners for owners.


Where it all began...

Where it all began...

Shopventory started as a scrappy solution for a small retail shop in San Diego, California. Built by a software engineer husband for his retail entrepreneur wife, Shopventory is quite literally built with love. 

We know the challenges faced by small business owners because we've been there! We're all too familiar with the hassle and time drain of managing inventory.

While using the early version of Shopventory, we gained a greater understanding of what business owners need from their inventory management software. We didn’t want to stop at just one shop. That’s why we are sharing our tools with other businesses.

Shopventory's customer-first approach to design sets us apart. User-friendliness is the cornerstone of our design philosophy and our world-class customer support makes Shopventory simple as well as powerful.


Since 2012, we've grown to help tens of thousands of merchants all over the world, from bars and restaurants, to vape shops, liquor stores, food trucks, and the same fashion shop where we started. We love enabling businesses of all types through providing professional tools at the best value.


Fully US-based and proudly headquartered in Denver, Colorado!