We love sales specialists here at Shopventory, and we want to make your life easier.

Clover merchants are eligible for a full feature 30-Day Free Trial of Shopventory. It's also backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. That's a total of 60 risk-free days to see if Shopventory is right for their business.


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A 30-Day Full-Feature Trial Includes:


The first difference Clover merchants will notice is the level of detail in Shopventory Sales and Inventory reporting. Actionable insights make it easy for them to maximize profits. (Click any of the headers below for more info).


  • Custom Date Range

  • Interactive Charts

  • One-Click Download to PDF or CSV (Excel Spreadsheet)


  • Down-to-the-Minute Stock Levels

  • Keyword Filtering

  • One-Click Download to PDF or CSV (Excel Spreadsheet)


  • View Items That have not sold for 30-Days or More

  • Interactive Sorting

  • Easily and Quickly Identify Slow-Moving Inventory


Advanced Features

Shopventory takes Inventory Management to a new level for your clients who need that extra edge. We offer solutions for your "Mom & Pop" shops, but also for the major players on your client list. (Click any of the headers below for more info).


  • Track Component and Ingredient Costs

  • Account for Labor Costs

  • Build Gift Packs, Starter Kits, Combo Deals, etc.


  • Keep Vendor Contact Info in One Convenient Place

  • Assign Products to Specified Vendors

  • Add Tags and Custom Notes to Ensure Simple Search and Smooth Interactions


  • Place orders with linked vendors

  • Automatically update quantities by receiving PO's

  • Track open and pending Purchase Orders with auditable records and one-click downloads to PDF.


Superior Customer Support

You made the sale, now you can relax! We stand behind our product and take the burden off you. Our experts are here to guide your customers. From seasoned retail pro's to fledgling beginners, we will hold their hand and give them the resources they need to Thrive. (Click any of the headers below for more info).


  • Tutorial Videos and Step-By-Step Guides to Shopventory Functions

  • Up-To-Date articles on Shopventory Features

  • Easily Searchable Knowledge Base



 Click for a free PDF brochure!

Click for a free PDF brochure!


Elegant Simplicity


What changes when using Shopventory is your customers will make and enter all inventory changes, updates, additions, etc. to Shopventory rather than Clover.

We automatically push changes made in Shopventory to the Clover station and actively pull in the sales data so we can update inventory levels and compile sales reports in real time. 


We don't just send you off to fend for yourselves. We stand behind our product so you don't have to.
Your merchants are always in good hands. 


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