Celebrating 5 years of Shopventory with NEW features!

Shopventory is celebrating 5 years since we officially incorporated. To celebrate, we just launched two new major features! 


Spreadsheet Bulk Upload

Create, edit, and receive inventory using spreadsheets! It's never been easier to make mass changes. You'll find the Bulk Upload option in the "Actions" button on the Items & Variants page.

Available on the Standard plan and above


WooCommerce integration

Say hello to our newest partner! Managing e-commerce inventory is simple with Shopventory's direct integration to WooCommerce and Wordpress. You can now connect your e-commerce store from the Locations and Integrations tab in your Shopventory settings!


Plus recent updates:

  • Vendor names are now included in the Low Inventory Report
  • Consistent alphanumeric sorting of categories in the inventory report and everywhere category filters are displayed
  • Speed improvements on the select item screen on the Vendors page
  • Shopventory now supports items without variants
  • Advanced item properties and shipping options Learn More