Introducing Add-On Plans! And more...

User and Accounting Add-On Plans are now available!

This means you can now add more User Accounts to your existing plan in groups of 5 at a time without having to upgrade your plan!

You can also add QuickBooks Daily Syncing to your plan for regular reporting to QuickBooks Online! (Included on Professional & Elite plans)

Updates for Jan 19th, 2018:

  • Shopventory now excludes negative quantities from Inventory Report Totals
  • Version checking will alert Shopventory users when they need to refresh their browser
  • Audit Logs can now be exported from the Access Control page
  • In accordance with accounting best practices, Shopventory no longer allows receiving more than was ordered for POs/Internal Transfers. Additional quantities will have to be received as a separate inventory entry.
  • Bundles now display margin percentages
  • Saving a Bundle no longer clears the filters in the Bundles screen
  • Category filters will now be sorted alphabetically