Faster and smoother than ever!

Recently, we’ve deployed our newer, faster inventory interface in Shopventory. This is a major enhancement that required a lot of work, but we’re thrilled with the results! Here are the most significant updates:

  • Larger inventories will load faster. Around 400% faster to be exact!

  • Column titles will now stick to the top of the page, making context easier when working on inventory.

  • Scrolling is smoother than ever before. So you can find what you need quickly!

Stay tuned for more! 😃

New PO Functions & Updates for September 21st, 2018

New features on Purchase Orders!

  • Completed PO’s can now be duplicated for easier re-ordering

  • Improved location selection for faster creation

  • Vendor addresses no longer required

  • Shopventory will prompt users to print Barcodes when receiving inventory on a PO

  • Added a CSV (spreadsheet file) export for PO’s and Internal Transfers


  • Additional users (apart from the account owner) with the 'Manage Account' permission can now add integrations from within Shopventory

  • New and Improved date-picker function on Reports.

Custom Time on Reports.gif

We’re working on even more enhancements! Stay tuned! 😃

Updates for July 27th, 2018

  • Support for Shopify Multiple Locations!
  • Bulk Upload Improvements:
    • Added a Bulk Upload spreadsheet to create Vendors
    • Added a Bulk Upload spreadsheet to create Purchase Orders 
    • Formatting improvements
    • Updated Editing and Receiving spreadsheets to show current quantities and default costs
  • Added the expected date to Purchase Order PDF exports
  • Enhancements to improve syncing speed to integrations
  • Even stronger security around back-end user password handling

Updates for June 12th, 2018

Recent updates

  • Vendor information is now displayed in the Items & Variants tab below Categories!
  • Vendors are also now included in inventory filters!
  • Added a bulk 'Generate SKUs for all variants without SKU ' task to the 'Advanced' tab in the 'Settings' section of Shopventory.
  • Clicking on "Add single variant" will show the first variant name if the variant name is blank. Same goes for new and existing items.
  • Include SKU/Barcode criteria to search in Category Assignment tool
  • Added item descriptions to the Bundles page
  • The Billing settings page now shows the next invoice date
  • Improved Purchase Order handling for zero quantity and zero cost items
  • New Welcome Video

Updates to Shopventory Privacy and Terms of Service

We often make minor changes to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, but as a result of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) going into effect on May 25th, the changes are more significant this time around.

If you haven't read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service in a while, now's a great time to do so. Learn more

Note that by using Shopventory services, you agree to these policies.

Celebrating 5 years of Shopventory with NEW features!

Shopventory is celebrating 5 years since we officially incorporated. To celebrate, we just launched two new major features! 


Spreadsheet Bulk Upload

Create, edit, and receive inventory using spreadsheets! It's never been easier to make mass changes. You'll find the Bulk Upload option in the "Actions" button on the Items & Variants page.

Available on the Standard plan and above


WooCommerce integration

Say hello to our newest partner! Managing e-commerce inventory is simple with Shopventory's direct integration to WooCommerce and Wordpress. You can now connect your e-commerce store from the Locations and Integrations tab in your Shopventory settings!


Plus recent updates:

  • Vendor names are now included in the Low Inventory Report
  • Consistent alphanumeric sorting of categories in the inventory report and everywhere category filters are displayed
  • Speed improvements on the select item screen on the Vendors page
  • Shopventory now supports items without variants
  • Advanced item properties and shipping options Learn More

Updates for Apr 6th, 2018

  • Shopventory now allows transfers of inactive Items
  • Purchase Orders and Internal Transfers now allow you to receive more than was ordered
  • Purchase Orders: Added an "All Outstanding POs" filter to the drop-down and made it the default for quickly managing active Purchase Orders
  • Inventory Change Report PDF and CSV exports now include filtering
  • Added a link to the Sales Report summary emails
  • Created an "Uncategorized" filter in the Items & Variants tab
  • You can now Search/Filter by the keyword "Uncategorized" when assigning Categories in the Categories tab
  • Corrected minor issues with CSV exports on Firefox
  • Implemented consistent item sorting across the platform for improved usability

Introducing Add-On Plans! And more...

User and Accounting Add-On Plans are now available!

This means you can now add more User Accounts to your existing plan in groups of 5 at a time without having to upgrade your plan!

You can also add QuickBooks Daily Syncing to your plan for regular reporting to QuickBooks Online! (Included on Professional & Elite plans)

Updates for Jan 19th, 2018:

  • Shopventory now excludes negative quantities from Inventory Report Totals
  • Version checking will alert Shopventory users when they need to refresh their browser
  • Audit Logs can now be exported from the Access Control page
  • In accordance with accounting best practices, Shopventory no longer allows receiving more than was ordered for POs/Internal Transfers. Additional quantities will have to be received as a separate inventory entry.
  • Bundles now display margin percentages
  • Saving a Bundle no longer clears the filters in the Bundles screen
  • Category filters will now be sorted alphabetically

Updates for Jan 8th, 2018

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday and new year! The surge of signups we've seen has been amazing, and we are excited to help you tackle 2018 with the best tools in the business!

  • Shopventory now handles Exchanges in Clover
  • Added Emirati Dirham currency
  • Re-Styled the "Delete" Button in Item Details to prevent accidental clicks
  • Access control now checks to see if a duplicate user is invited
  • Running tasks and their status is now exposed in the Tasks page! You'll be able to see whenever a task is running in the background
  • "Save and Add New" button added for faster item creation
  • Added Brother DK-1201, DK-1221 and DK-1204 labels for barcode printing
  • Added new, smaller Avery label support (5167 and 5195)
  • Clone Components on "Add Bundle Variant" for faster creation of Bundle Variants
  • Shopify Shipping Charges and Tips cells added to the sales report

QuickBooks Daily Sync is LIVE!

Shopventory can now automatically sync to QuickBooks!

Quickbooks Daily Sync automatically pushes over your daily sales details and inventory value from Shopventory to Quickbooks.

Sales Details include total sales with breakdown by Credit Card - Visa, Mastercard, Discover and AMEX - along with Cash, Gift Cards, Discounts, Credits, Taxes, Returns, Exchanges and Categories!

Inventory Details also include Category and Value designations. Learn more

Free Sneak Peek!

QuickBooks Daily Syncing is included on the Professional and Elite plans, but Shopventory is giving users a free sneak peek* through Jan 20th, 2018! Just go to the 'Accounting' tab in the 'Settings' section of Shopventory and connect your QuickBooks Online account to get started for FREE!


*The free sneak peak ends January 20th, 2018. Ongoing QuickBooks Daily Sync service will be available for $30/mo. Connecting a QuickBooks account will NOT automatically enroll new billing. (QuickBooks syncing is included in Professional and Elite plans). 

Say Hello to Barcoding!

Shopventory now offers barcode label printing!

Our engineers have been hard at work to enable barcoded label printing in Shopventory. Shopventory now lets you print price tags right from Shopventory! Learn more

Plus, turn your phone into a Barcode Scanner to reconcile and receive inventory!

Shopventory's Barcode Scanner app helps you quickly reconcile and receive existing inventory! Just download the FREE app, login and easily search and update items. Learn more

Happy Holidays and thanks for being a Shopventory customer! We hope you enjoy our little stocking-stuffers!