Updates for September 13, 2019

Here’s just a small sample of updates as we move into the fall. 🍁 Enjoy! 🍂

  • Added category and vendor filters to the variant selection pop-up (for Stocktakes, vendor assignment, bulk delete, etc.):

  • All tables within Custom Reports are now sortable

  • Inventory history notes now link directly to Stocktakes

  • You can now follow the progress of bulk uploads on the running tasks page

  • Speed improvements for the Inventory Change Report

As always let us know if you have any questions. We’re here to help! 😃

Updates for July 19th, 2019

  • Added support for Videos in the Products Description

  • Barcode scanner app now enforces location permissions

  • Product images now supported up to 2048 x 2048

  • Product quantities now easier to update from the Edit Product panel

  • New "Duplicate variant" button in the Edit Product panel

  • New Alert condition for “Active” status

Updates for May 24, 2019

  • New Filter for "No Vendor"

  • New option to mark PO's as "Paid"!

  • Optimized quantity syncing with Clover after sales

  • Improved Save process for when there are more than 25 variant/location combinations for a single product

  • Fees and Freight can now be added to Internal Transfers

  • Faster variant selection screens for vendors and purchase orders

Updates for May 3rd, 2019

  • You can now select your date range and location for the dead inventory report and inventory change reports before generating

  • Variants can now be configured as bundles of other variants of the same product without having to save first

  • Bundle components are now searchable by SKU/Barcode

  • Improved formatting for the Audit Log

  • Editable fields on PO’s are now highlighted and can be tabbed through

  • Out-of-stock products can now be added to Internal Transfers in Draft mode only

  • All products & bundles are now listed on the main inventory page. The bundles logo identifies bundles, and a Filter is available for viewing bundles only:

  • New PO status: "Partial / Overdue" for when a PO has been partially received and is past its expected due date


Updates for March 1st, 2019

  • Shopventory is now integrated with Amazon Alexa!

  • You can now export your Bundles list to PDF or CSV (spreadsheet file)

  • Improved "Running Tasks" page with greater detail

  • Added Total Quantity to PDF and CSV exports for Purchase Orders / Internal Transfers

  • Added a Total line for CSV and PDF exports for Returns in the Sales Report

  • The Inventory Change Report now includes restocking events

  • Plaintext Barcode Labels for numbers that do not conform to a recognized format

  • Optimization for loading large numbers of categories

  • Optimization for loading large reports

As always we’re working hard to bring even more enhancements to Shopventory! Keep an eye on the megaphone for more updates! 😃

Updates for January 17th, 2019

  • Added location name to inventory history view 

  • Added delete button to new item detail panel

  • Added support Dymo 30299 barbell labels for jewelry and small items Learn more

  • Added Option to exclude 'Not Tracked' items from Reconciliation Worksheet

  • Added support for new currencies:

    • Barbadian Dollar (BBD)

    • Honduran Lempira (HNL)

    • Romanian Leu (RON)

    • Saudi Riyal (SAR)

    • Singapore Dollar (SGD)

    • Turkish Lira (TRY)

  • Added support for 0% tax rate for Square users

  • Infrastructure enhancements to increase reliability in case of an outage occurring in our partner’s systems

  • Speed enhancements on the inventory screen

Faster and smoother than ever!

Recently, we’ve deployed our newer, faster inventory interface in Shopventory. This is a major enhancement that required a lot of work, but we’re thrilled with the results! Here are the most significant updates:

  • Larger inventories will load faster. Around 400% faster to be exact!

  • Column titles will now stick to the top of the page, making context easier when working on inventory.

  • Scrolling is smoother than ever before. So you can find what you need quickly!

Stay tuned for more! 😃

New PO Functions & Updates for September 21st, 2018

New features on Purchase Orders!

  • Completed PO’s can now be duplicated for easier re-ordering

  • Improved location selection for faster creation

  • Vendor addresses no longer required

  • Shopventory will prompt users to print Barcodes when receiving inventory on a PO

  • Added a CSV (spreadsheet file) export for PO’s and Internal Transfers


  • Additional users (apart from the account owner) with the 'Manage Account' permission can now add integrations from within Shopventory

  • New and Improved date-picker function on Reports.

Custom Time on Reports.gif

We’re working on even more enhancements! Stay tuned! 😃

Updates for July 27th, 2018

  • Support for Shopify Multiple Locations!
  • Bulk Upload Improvements:
    • Added a Bulk Upload spreadsheet to create Vendors
    • Added a Bulk Upload spreadsheet to create Purchase Orders 
    • Formatting improvements
    • Updated Editing and Receiving spreadsheets to show current quantities and default costs
  • Added the expected date to Purchase Order PDF exports
  • Enhancements to improve syncing speed to integrations
  • Even stronger security around back-end user password handling