As precise as you want to be

Our Bundles function allows you to create entries which are made up of other items. This means you can easily break down cocktails, doubles, pitchers, etc. to track with precision.

Just sell the bundle, and Shopventory will deduct all its components and their corresponding quantities!


Identify Dead Inventory

Shopventory's reports don't just give you the details on what's selling. Our in-depth reporting can tell you what's not selling too! This means you can always make the most of your shelf space.


Know where you stand

Shopventory can use predictive analytics to estimate how much time is left before stock is depleted. You can also use those estimates to create smart inventory alerts so you can take quick action.


Work Well Together!

Shopventory lets you control access for all your employees, so you can always hold your team accountable. No more relying on faulty memories. You'll always be able to find out who changed what and when they changed it.



Shopventory imports your sales from any supported point-of-sale or e-commerce solution and syncs your daily sales numbers and payments by type to QuickBooks Online.


Shopventory Platform Features

Real-Time Inventory Management

  • Use per-item cost to see profitability

  • Real-time tracking and insights

  • Email alerts on refunds and zero-dollar transactions

  • Bundle items for ingredient-level inventory tracking

Instant Email Alerts

  • Know the moment when quantities fall below a threshold

  • Intelligent, multi-condition alerts based on location

  • Customize notifications based on category

Decision-Ready Reports

  • Understand inventory, profit margin, and sales data

  • Reporting on discounted transactions and slow-moving inventory

  • Quick access to total inventory value for simplified reporting