Vendor Management

Vendor Management Lets You Keep Track of Your Suppliers in One Place

*Only available on Professional and Elite plans*

  • Create entries for each of your vendors
  • Assign products to their corresponding vendor
  • Add contact info and custom notes

Tutorial Video:

Adding a Vendor

  • Simply click on the "Create Vendor" button and fill in the fields to add a vendor to your list


  • You can add a logo by clicking the gray photo icon at the top of the form
  • You can assign multiple locations to a single vendor
  • All contact information fields are optional, so only enter the relevant information
  • Tags allow you to categorize your vendors for easy look-up
  • Address and Note fields have high character limits, so you can add a lot of information if you need to
  • Click the "Product List" button at the bottom to assign products to a vendor
  • Once your products are assigned, the vendor will appear in your vendor list. You can then search by vendor name or by tag to find them.