Kits/Bundles allow you to create a new inventory entry out of multiple "components".


1. Creating Components (Ingredients)

  • Before you create a Bundle, you must have all the components of the Bundle created in Shopventory.
  • To create a component, just create the item and the unit of measurement you are using.
  • Adding COGS (Cost Of Goods Sold) per unit to your components / ingredients will allow you to accurately track your margins on bundled items. 
  • Go through and create an entry for each component / ingredient. 

2. Creating a Kit/Bundle

Once all components have been created as new items, you can begin to put them together in Bundles.

  • Go to the 'Inventory' tab at the top of the Shopventory site and there, you will see the Kits/Bundles button:
  • The following screen is our Kits/Bundles page where all your Kits/Bundles will be listed. Feel free to view our tutorials on the right hand side of the page. When you are ready, click the 'Create Bundle' button to get started: 
  • Start filling in the fields. You can add an optional photo as well. (SKU number is also optional). 
    • Shopventory gives you the option to add the bundle to an existing item in inventory. For instance, if you already have a 'Small Latte' entry, you are now just creating the bundle to attach the ingredients for tracking.
  • You can add a Bundle to multiple categories or create a new category. 
  • You can only create single Bundles by location. (your other location may have different quantities of bundle components available) 

Then, the fun begins as you start adding components:

  • You can adjust quantities of items in the bundles, so if a drink requires 2.5 units of this and 3 units of that, no problem. 
  • Shopventory even allows you to optionally track the labor costs so you can track the time it takes to "assemble" the Bundle. 
  • Shopventory will automatically calculate COGS (Cost Of Goods Sold) and stock for Bundles so no need for complicated math!
  • Stock is based on quantities for all the components. If you have 1000 cups, but no milk, Shopventory will show your Bundle stock as zero.
  • All Bundles will now display in the Kits/Bundles page and be pushed out to your POS (Point Of Sale) automatically. 
  • You can always edit or delete bundles from this page. Adjustments you make to your stocks of components will reflect in the bundle. 

That's it! Now get out there and Bundle!

If you have trouble or issues, you can click here to contact us or use the Chat icon on the bottom right hand corner.