Import Items/Quantity/COGS

**Not available for Clover**

Before you begin, please read:

IMPORTANT: Before you do a spreadsheet Import, please download a new template file from Shopventory (even trying again after a failed upload). This will ensure you are making changes to the most updated information in our system and will prevent unexpected results.

  • Do not delete items and then re-add them just to edit them. Instead, you can update any of the columns marked with [Editable] for the item. Deleting and re-adding the same items may result in duplicates in our system.
  • Categories can only be applied to items, not at the Variant level. An item can be in multiple categories.

FOR BEST RESULTS (and if you have hundreds or thousands of items), break up your bulk upload into a few different steps:

  1. First, download a fresh template file and use the delete function column to delete any items you want deleted. Upload this template to make the changes in Shopventory.
  2. Next, download a fresh template file and update any items you want updated. Upload this template to make the changes in Shopventory.
  3. Once that is uploaded, download a fresh template file, and add any new items you want added. Upload this template to make the changes in Shopventory.

ERRORS? If you encounter errors while trying to bulk upload please take a look at our Bulk Upload Errors guide.


How to Bulk Upload

To to start a Bulk Upload, go to the 'Inventory' tab at the top of the Shopventory site. From the 'Update Inventory' dropdown, select the 'Import Items/Quantity/Cost' button

On the following screen, download a fresh template (these are time-sensitive, so it is recommended to always download a new template).

Unnamed image (5).png

Open the template in Excel (or whatever software you use for spreadsheets) and make your changes only in columns marked "[editable]". Keep in mind:

  • The quantity field does not support partial quantities, so please enter a whole number, no decimals allowed. 
  • The COGS field is a decimal field so, for example, you should enter 10.00 (no dollar sign, commas, or other punctuation marks) for an item that has a COGS of $10.00.



Updating Items in the Spreadsheet:

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The following columns can be edited in the spreadsheet:

  • Item - item names cannot be longer than 60 characters.
  • Category - you may specify multiple, comma separated, categories. Leave blank if you do not wish to categorize a particular item.
  • Variant
  • B arcode (SKU) - Excel deletes leading zeros by default. In order to preserve leading zeroes in SKUs, it is entered as a formula. For example: 
    • If your SKU is 001234, when you click into the field you will notice it's displayed as ="001234". This is to let Excel know that it shouldn't try to remove the leading zeroes and treat this field as a number. Simply update your SKU within the double quotes and press enter to see your changes.
  • Price - the price field is a decimal field so, for example, you should enter 10.00 (no dollar sign, commas, or other punctuation marks) for an item that has a price of $10.00.
    • For example, in the template file above, the Blender item has been updated with a new category, name, variant, SKU, and price.

In addition, you may also edit the quantity and COGS fields for any updated items.



Adding New Items to Inventory from the Spreadsheet:

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You can also add new items which will be pushed to your point-of-sale account.

  1. To add a new item, simply fill in a new row at the bottom of the template, making sure item name, category, variant, barcode (if desired), location, and price are filled in.
  2. You may also include quantity and COGS information with your new items by populating the quantity and COGS columns.
  3. IMPORTANT: Make sure you leave the Shopventory ID column blank when adding new items.

Deleting Items in the Spreadsheet:

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  1. To delete an item, add a D to the 'Delete Item/Variant?' column. You will be asked to confirm your changes on the next page.
    • Do not remove entire rows from the template as this will cause an error when uploading your changes.

Confirming Your Changes

  • Once you are done editing, save your file in Excel, making sure to preserve the CSV format. If you get a prompt similar to the one below, make sure you click "Continue".
  • Next, go back to your browser, click on "Choose File", and select your edited template (or just drag and drop the file onto the page):
Unnamed image (7).png


  • Once your file is uploaded, click the "Next" button to get to the confirmation screen. This will show all your changes, so make sure to double check everything is looking good. Once you have verified all the changes are what you are expecting, click "Save"
  • IMPORTANT: Once you click "Save", all changes will be made and pushed to your Point-of-Sale account, so make sure everything looks as expected. There is no way to undo this!
  • You will receive a confirmation message when all your changes are saved.

  • If you have Shopventory set as the primary database the updates will be pushed to your Point-of-Sale account over the next 10 minutes or so.