Let Shopventory handle the complexity.


Ingredient / Component-level tracking

Shopventory allows you to easily enter your ingredients and then combine them with precision! This means you're tracking the components you buy as well as the finished products you actually sell. 

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Alternate versions  

Why carry only one version of an item? The exact same piece of inventory can have several different versions. Commissions, discounts, tax-free, peak hours, wholesale... the possibilities are endless. Bundle Variants make it easy to create your inventory's alter-egos.


Crates > Boxes > Packs > Singles

Need to break it down? Shopventory can help. You can use partial quantities as low as .001 when building a Bundle. So, whether you're selling cocktails or pints, accessories or ensembles, inventory is deducted accurately.


Take your inventory tracking to the next level

Whether you're building recipes out of ingredients, or selling a glass of wine made of .2 bottles, or running a simple 2-for-1 sale on a slow-moving T-shirt, Bundles will take your inventory and cost-tracking to the next level. Costs and Quantities are automatically calculated, so scratch all those complicated spreadsheets. Just build a Bundle and let Shopventory manage the components.