A to B: 4 Keys to Transferring Inventory

Managing a multi-location business is no easy task. One of the hardest parts is transferring inventory between locations. Whether it’s across town or cross-country, knowing how to manage inventory transfers is key to keeping your numbers accurate.

Below are some of the key best practices we’ve learned over the years here at Shopventory. With the help of some awesome feedback from our customers, we created our new internal transfers tool, so it's tailored for serious, real-world applications.

Even if you don’t use Shopventory, just follow these principles and you’ll see the difference in how efficiently your locations operate together:

1. Accountability

When you know who’s responsible for what, it makes things a lot easier. Clear expectations can be set, and conversations can be had to ensure things are running smoothly. This is why the Shopventory internal transfers tool automatically tracks not only what changes were made, but who made them.

2. Context

Get the full picture. Business owners know moving just one item between locations is often a waste of gas and time. Trips need to be minimized and made to be as efficient as possible. Shopventory shows everything that was transferred on a single page along with the ability to add detailed notes. This also means less time wasted tracking down what was moved. All the items are right there in one place!

3. Flexibility

Accidents happen. Sometimes, inventory gets lost in transit, broken, or downright stolen. Sometimes, not everything that was sent was meant to have been transferred. Shopventory’s tools allow for flexibility whether receiving, marking things as lost, or sending things back to complete the transfer.

4. Tracking

Items in transit are in limbo. They’re no longer being sold at the sending location, but they haven’t yet been received at the new location. It’s important to know what’s still out there. This is why Shopventory also added a full report of all pending in-transit inventory items. Every shipment also has a live status so you never lose track.


It’s all too easy to get sloppy when it comes to internal transfers. Transport costs and risks are very real. Streamlining your location-to-location transfer process will make a real bottom-line difference and help get your team working more efficiently while saving you hours upon hours of time.

Want to try Shopventory’s tools for yourself? Multi-location plans are available for under $1.69 per day! Single location plans as low as 79¢ per day. Right now, you can sign up for a 30-day full-featured free trial of Shopventory with no credit card required. We also back Shopventory with a 30-day money back guarantee. That means a total of 60 days risk-free!

You can start a trial today and join the thousands of merchants worldwide using Shopventory to power their business!

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