Real (Shop) Life Pomodoro

Belle Beth Cooper is responsible for so many great reads, including her recent post to Medium, Real Life Pomodoro. In this article, she outlines a few of the ways she uses the Pomodoro productivity technique to her daily life. The technique typically uses a timer to set time limits and break up projects into smaller tasks—instead of a typical timer, she uses the natural rhythms, breaks and chores of the day to outline chunks of time for work. We thought we could apply the same technique to the ebb and flow of shop life. via A Continuous Lean on Flickr

via A Continuous Lean

1. Downloading a large file. This is an ideal time to check on get some quick social media work done. Troll the web for shareable content, draft up some tweets and respond to a message or two. When the file is done, you'll know it's time to unplug from Facebook and get back to work, rather than getting sucked in for longer than you'd planned.

2. Waiting for a product delivery. Race the delivery truck! See how many emails you can get through before the order arrives. Or better yet, use it to clean up your work space, organize your checkout counter or make sure your restrooms are in ship-shape.

3. Technology updates. You know how you've been putting off your computer updates and your software updates and your app updates? (Yeah, we've been there.) Instead of seeing it as an interruption, look at it as an opportunity to check off some off-line tasks like setting up appointments or making phone calls.

4. New music. Have a new album or playlist you're excited to listen to for the first time? This is a perfect time to check inventory levels, take care of special orders, add new products to your online shop or set up a new merchandise on the floor.

Where do you think you can sneak in some timed multi-tasking throughout the day? Let us know in the comments!