Inventory Solutions for Multiple Locations

Managing inventory is a beast for one shop, but it becomes a whole different animal when you add multiple locations. This isn't necessarily defined by just having more than one brick and mortar store—it's any situation where you're selling from multiple points and housing inventory in multiple places. Even an online shop that sells at various farmers markets could benefit from multiple location solutions. At Shopventory, we've been working on our multiple locations feature for the last few weeks. Service for up to three locations is now available in our Premium plan, with the option to add more locations as needed. It includes all the inventory management tools available with our other great plans, but also features unlimited order volume, detailed sales reports by location, inventory reporting by location and profit margin reporting by location too. This allows small business owners to see all that important data and trends for each location, as well as move your inventory between locations as needed to stock your stores more efficiently.

multi location



It was our intention to ease some of the challenges that come with managing multiple locations. We want you to be able to monitor your inventory counts in when you can't be in two places at once, communicate better with your employees and run all of your businesses like the awesome boss you are.

We steal our best ideas from you, our customers, so please let us know what you think of this new Shopventory multiple locations plan—we wanna know the the great, the good and the could-be-better so that we can keep helping you run the business you love.