Inventory Tips for Seasonal Shops

One of the largest demographics of users for mobile cash registers and inventory systems are operators of seasonal shops. There are many advantages to using a mobile option for this type of retail environment, but the biggest two are lack of having a full-time power source and that it is not economical to get tied into a long merchant account contract that requires expensive hardware for such a short selling period. Examples seasonal shops include the little greenhouses that popup in grocery store parking lots, fireworks stores that show up in similar locations and even the little pop-up shows that you see at local fairs and carnivals.Though our inventory software gives these retailers all the tools they need to track and manage their sales and inventory, there are several things that are unique about running a seasonal shop versus a year-round brick and mortar location. To get the most out of your seasonal shop or temporary sales location, there are some important tips to keep in mind from the basics of setting up your location to how handling your merchandise can make a huge impact.

Make Everything Mobile

The most efficient addition you can make to all the equipment you have is to make it as mobile as possible. If your seasonal location utilizes a tent, consider putting wheels on the storage bag or crate to make moving it around much easier. If have other containers to move around, put wheels or handles on them as well to save yourself time during setup. Since most people’s inventory will be transported in boxes, having a two-wheeler or hand truck can save you a lot of back-breaking work and eliminate the need to physically attach wheels on every item you’re trying to move.

Appearance Is Everything

Rather than just having a bunch of shelving or storage bins with your merchandise tossed in haphazardly, take the time to make sure everything is well organized and looks professional. Not only will your customers have an easier time shopping and buy more items, but you can also keep a better eye on potential shoplifting situations which are very common in seasonal shops. This type of organization will also make final inventory much easier at the end of your season.

Packing Up: Reconciliation

Instead of cramming everything into boxes, tossing it into the back of your truck, and heading home for some much needed rest, it is important that you finish off the season correctly with proper inventory counts and reconcile the profits or losses. This may mean that you need to spend a few extra hours or even a day getting everything counted properly as you pack them in your boxes, but the benefit with doing it right is that you’ll know exactly how much product you have left without needing to open the boxes again. When you get back to your office or storage facility, you can simply run the numbers and determine your profits, how many items you’ll need to order for the following season, as well as how much theft or shrinkage occurred and which items were most-targeted.