Square Adds Offline Credit Card Processing

Since mobile credits card readers were invented and an entire new industry was created for a new type of point of sale system was created utilizing iPads and tablets, the various competitions has done nothing but improved their features by challenging each other with various functionality. While one company would offer a lower fee for each credit card swipe, another would offer features that made their system more practical such as website integration or the ability to accept different forms of payment. Now, Square has announced that merchants using Square Register will have the ability to accept credit cards transactions even if their POS system can’t connect to the internet for authorization as well as improved inventory tracking features to keep merchants informed of what they have left.This news really isn’t all that shocking considering there were a few of Square’s top competitors that were offering offline credit card processing already, but it definitely takes away the incentive to use a different provider for merchants that were on the fence about choosing Square Register as their cash register solution. This is just another example from a long line of improvements that Square has been implementing as the race heats up for mobile payment supremacy.

How it works is you swipe a credit card just like normal, but it allows you to complete the transaction even if the card can’t be authorized via the internet. When an internet connection is established, the transaction is processed and the customer’s credit card is charged as normal. This new features adds flexibility for vendors that work in areas where cell coverage is spotty and wireless internet is not an option.

Additionally, Square is boasting improved inventory tracking; which has been the most requested improvement to date. As items sell, Square updates your inventory database so both the store and customers can know if something is in stock before a sale is made. This is also very handy for another new feature that Square integrated; a new “pickup” option.

Particularly handy for merchants in the food industry, the new Pickup feature for Square Register allows customers to order an item online and pick it up in the store at a later time. This makes Square Register a more viable option for pizza shops and other industries where advanced ordering is crucial to their success. There is an additional fee attached for the convenience of this service however, and it clocks in at a whopping 8% for each Pickup transaction. Only time will tell if this new feature will be utilized enough to become a permanent fixture at that price, but it certainly opens up the realm of possibilities for new users of the Square platform.