Review of “Credit Card Terminal” App

Credit Card Terminal is a point of sale app that is very similar to its competitors such as Square and PayPal Here. Available on both iOS and Android platforms, this app does bring the flexibility that most business owners crave when looking to move into the mobile POS world. Unlike many of its competitors, Credit Card Terminal charges a modest $25 monthly fee on top of their pay-per-swipe credit card processing fees. The swipe fees will vary depending on what credit card you accept, but it is fairly priced for Visa which is the most common card you’ll see. Additionally, Credit Card Terminal offers the ability to accept payment from your Mac or PC laptop and desktop which makes it a little more versatile than some of its top competition.Description of Credit Card Terminal

Created by the company Inner Fence, this program is yet another flavor of POS in an ever-expanding realm of apps. Like most virtual cash register programs, Credit Card Terminal offers a free credit card reader to users when they get signed up for service. There is also a whole plethora of sales reporting tools as well as inventory control, which is essential for small businesses. Best of all, you can operate an unlimited number of terminals under the same account without additional fees, so the app is completely scalable.

  • Reliable card swiping for quicker transactions.
  • Maps, signatures, PDF receipts, refunds, transaction history, graphs, app integration, and more.
  • One account enables all of your devices whether you are a single person or growing company.
  • Encrypted sensitive data for a trusted sale.
  • Our United States based team is standing by to assist you.
  • Now able to integrate Bluetooth and network receipt printers.

Overall Review


Overall, I would give my review of the Credit Card Terminal app a rating of 3 out of 5 stars. Functionally, this app offers you most of the great features you would expect from a POS system that runs on multiple platforms along with really great reporting features. However, the pricing structure for their service is a little steeper than most of their competition, which was a little hard to justify since they have essentially built an equivalent app. The additional fees may be worth it if someone wants to buy a USB credit card reader and use a laptop or desktop computer as their cash register instead of a smartphone or tablet, but I think most people would agree that the touchscreen route is the way of the future.