How To Store Inventory At Home

We know that many of you run your businesses from your homes. However, as square foot after square foot of the garage/basement/dining room becomes cluttered with inventory and business necessities, your personal space shrinks.Here are a few tips to effectively store your small business inventory at home—and out of your family's way!

inventory storage

1. Keep your inventory safe. Get proper insurance and permits. Store inventory in a cool, dry location free that isn't heavily trafficked by kids, pets, leaky faucets, unattended candles and whatnot.

2. Keep your inventory secure. Install a security system and use heavy duty locks for merchandise, especially for inventory kept in a garage or shed. Keep significantly valuable items in a safe.

3. Separate inventory from your office and your personal space. Keep inventory in its proper place. Maintain boundaries rather than letting business clutter take over your home office and living space. When tax time comes, you also want to be able to take advantage of small business deductions and that means your storage and office space should be fully separate from your personal space.

4. Consider off-site storage options for certain items. Off-site storage units are great for seasonal products, slow-moving inventory and other items and paperwork that you don't need to access very often. As your business grows, you may need to free up valuable space in your home, but can't quite make the transition to a warehouse yet. Look for nearby self-storage units with easy load-in and load-out capabilities. One that can accept deliveries on your behalf is even better!

How do you manage your inventory storage at home?