How Embracing the Cloud Helps Your Business

Cloud computing was something that seemed very new and intangible just a few years ago, but it has quickly become the new standard for many businesses. In fact, most software companies are offering their products in a cloud version only and require you to log in through their website to access the features. While this may seem scary to some business owners who are used to being able to walk into their server room and see the physical location where their precious data resides, there are actually several reasons that cloud storage is a more viable option. Below, I will cover some of the benefits that make the cloud a better choice for your business.The Cloud is the New Standard

Before the cloud, there were two other major platforms that businesses could rely on: a mainframe system followed by the client/server system. Though both of those platforms served their purpose well and gave birth to thousands of great software solutions for businesses, they are quickly becoming relics that will be left to the past. By embracing cloud servers for your business now, you will ensure that your business is ready for the next 20+ years of software development geared towards businesses.

Cloud Servers Cost Less

Between buying the equipment, software, and electricity to power your business, technology can quickly become one of your largest expenses. On top of that, you need a whole team of IT people to keep things up and running, and even then you can still run into problems and delays. By storing your data and running your applications in the cloud, you can eliminate the need for all this equipment and upkeep and ensure that you are always running the latest version of a company’s software without ever inserting a disc or lifting a finger. When you add up the cost of hardware, software, and manpower versus the cost of leasing cloud storage space, it quickly becomes clear that it is far cheaper to use the cloud.

Cloud Storage Is More Secure

Another unfortunate truth about data is that there are always people out there trying to violate your security. Whether you are talking about credit card numbers, names and phone numbers, or your sales and inventory data, there are thousands of dangerous hackers out there looking to violate your businesses and your customer’s privacy. Furthermore, these threats are always evolving and changing as new operating systems and versions of software are released, so expecting your IT department to stay up-to-date with all the latest threats is a tall order indeed. By pushing this job onto your cloud server company, you can rest assured that they are taking care of the problem for you and they are professionally trained to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.