Square Adds Booking Features With BookFresh

For those who are not familiar with the service, BookFresh is an online scheduling service for business owners who want to take care of their scheduling on the fly. It can be a really handy piece of software for anyone who needs a scheduling or booking processor for their business such as hotels or restaurants because you can have your website and booking computer at your physical business use the same system. Today, Square announced that they will be acquiring BookFresh to bring their payment platform to businesses that require scheduling as part of their sales.Square’s tactic is to turn their payment processing app into something far more universal and compelling to businesses of all types. Though the original concept was to simply offer users a portable credit card reading machine, the popularity of Square Register has propelled the company into fame with thousands of businesses using their app as their POS and sales data platform and completely circumventing the bulkier traditional cash register that were popular last century. They have already added features to seduce new types of businesses to come into the fold including customer loyalty promotions and the ability to print kitchen tickets. Square sees the integration of a booking platform into the app to be the next logical evolution and expansion into new businesses.

In the world of business, this tactic is nothing new. It has long been considered a normal business practice to add new features and services to your business in this manner, and Square has made a number of acquisitions over the last few years including Evenly and ViewFinder, and each one has either offered better functionality or personnel to make what they already have even better. One thing is for sure, as Square continues to acquire companies and their features to make their main Square Register app even better, they are sure to attract more and more businesses away from traditional POS systems and over to their cutting-edge mobile platform.