6 Shop Window Display Ideas To Show Off Your Inventory

That's a phrase we're sure you could stand to hear more often around your store. Major retailers employ merchandising experts to design their shop windows, but small business owners are often tasked with this exercise alone. It's easy to take a few cues from the pros to make your inventory pop. We've rounded up six eye-catching store window display ideas to inspire you!

neon triangles

1. Neon Triangles: All you need is cardboard and paint (or washi tape!) to create a modern and colorful backdrop like this one for your inventory. We love the added touch of the hand-drawn border. (via  Haley Ann for Galore)

cass art shop

2. The Writing's On The Window: Inspire the people passing by to stop and read something that will move them or let them know what's new with you—or, of course, to come inside and buy something. Hiring a local illustrator or calligraphy artist can be a great investment for a window display. For a less handmade vibe, custom vinyl decals from your local print shop are great too. (via Cass Art)

living wall

3. Living Things: Green thumb? Try adding plants to your display or make a living wall like this one. Succulents need a lot of sunshine and are easy to care for, so they are the perfect greenery to throw in the window! (via Liz Marie Blog)

negative space shop window

4. Negative Space: In design, negative space is a positive. Use negative space wisely like this boutique did with large silhouette cut-outs of any form or shape that floats your boat. Hey, maybe even a boat cut-out! Show just enough to make your window-shoppers curious. (via La Casita)

franc franc

5. Light It Up: We realize that this particular display is fairly complicated since it involves the entire facade of this building, but, scaled down, any shop owner can implement these cool backlighting and framing tricks to highlight their space. (via FrancFranc Store)


6. Recycle: When it comes to shop windows, Anthropologie legendary for creating crazy and impactful displays with recycled materials like egg cartons, popsicle sticks and even cutlery. Take a cue from them and rummage through your trash for styling treasure. Your imagination is the only limit. (via Trend Hunter)

What works (or doesn't) for your shop windows? Let us know in the comments!