Best Apps of 2013 for Busy CEOs

CEOs are among the busiest people in the world, so finding the right set of apps for their phone to help them manage their time is crucial to being as productive as possible. 2013 was a treasure trove for useful apps for CEOs, but these apps are also perfect for the busy business person at any level. Below, we have outlined a few of what we consider to be the best apps of 2013 for busy CEOs.Expensify

Many CEOs spend a fair amount of time traveling for business, and sometimes they can be gone for weeks at a time. After a long trip, the last thing you want to do when you get home is to organize all of your receipts and document them as expenses. Fortunately, Expensify takes a lot of the hassle out of this job to give you more free time. Essentially, you just document your expenses directly on your phone as you make your purchases. You can sync up your credit card with the app to catalog expenses, “scan” paper receipts using only your smartphone camera, and create a simple PDF report to send to your accounting team for easy bookkeeping.

OmniFocus: Task Manager

Most CEOs work very long hours, but those hours can quickly turn into virtually having zero downtime if you don’t manage your time correctly. Because of the rigorous demands placed on CEOs, you cannot get by with a simple task organizer or appointment app on your phone. OmniFocus is a powerful task manager app that allows you to keep track of your tasks in greater detail and organize them according to project, place, person, or date to simply your day and make sure you’re getting everything done as efficiently as possible. You can even set it up to text or email the people you are meeting with or have working on a project about deadlines or upcoming meetings so you don’t need to do it manually.

Scanner Pro: Portable Scanner

Sometimes the simplest apps can be the biggest lifesavers. While most things in life have made the move to digital, you will still run into those pesky sheets of paper from time to time. Whether it is a contract, receipt, invoice, or even just a memo, Scanner Pro gives you the ability to transform that sheet of paper into a digital copy in just seconds. Most CEOs aren’t going to carry around a scanner everywhere they go on the off-chance that someone will turn up with some paperwork. In fact, since the digital revolution, many CEOs don’t even bother to carry a briefcase along with them but instead are armed with a smartphone and laptop. Scanner Pro allows you to simply snap a photo of the document on your phone and tweak the output in a variety of ways such as adjusting the image quality and turning it into a PDF file.