PayPal’s Latest Mobile App Updates

PayPal made an announcement recently about an upcoming update that will change several key features of their most popular mobile apps. Since this update will affect both the iOS and Android versions of their apps, every user should be aware of the new improvements the payment giant is planning to unfurl. Aimed at creating a much more seamless experience when someone pays at a physical location, it’s clear that PayPal is making a push for a growing demographic in the marketplace.Most users who are awaiting this update are excited about the new features, but the entire app itself is going to see a facelift and overhaul of its navigation and menu structure to make it easier to use; including that ability to access stored bank accounts and credit cards as payment options at the tap of a button. Furthermore, they are reportedly adding a new button titled “shop” which will help you locate places that accept PayPal as a standard method of payment. Like many digital wallets, you simply check-in at the location and you can pay for your goods virtually instantly. PayPal is aiming to be the first to integrate this feature into the same app that is used to accept mobile payments.

One of the most awaited and major change is the ability to order ahead at a large selection of restaurants. Once fully implemented, you will be able to order at various fast food restaurants and shopping locations to bypass lines and have your order ready for pickup when you arrive.

Other major changes include the ability for restaurants to get paid from the table, as well as the ability for consumers to use the “Bill Me Later” feature to finance large payments. While they aren’t as far along in the arena of catering towards printing kitchen tickets as their top competitor Square, they certainly have an edge in the financing area with the “Bill Me Later” option.

Regardless if you will use certain aspects of the new updates, it’s very clear that PayPal is directly targeting physical retailers in an attempt to stifle the Square Register app that has skyrocketed to success. Rather than just adding features to cater to the merchant, PayPal is targeting the needs of consumers to avoid lines and make the buying process much faster and simpler. This approach is designed to make the demand for PayPal as a payment option to be in higher demand and it will certainly be interesting to see how Square chooses to respond to these new features.