How to Update the Square App

Though most smartphone and tablet users are very fluent and need no help with how to update the square app, certain circumstances such as moving to iOS 7 or just not being that experienced can lead to some confusion. Also, since 92% of the world uses Android based devices while the United States uses 52% iOS based devices, there can be a learning curve if you’re switching between platforms or have employees trying to do the work at you register station. Fortunately, learning how to update the Square app is very simple, and we’ve given you the steps below to make the process as easy as possible.Update the Square App on an Apple iOS Device

Before you can proceed with installation, you will need to obtain the latest version of the app for the iOS platform. You can either download it from the Square download area or update it from the App Store on your Apple iOS device using the following steps:

  1. Open the App Store, and then tap on the button labeled "Updates" in the lower right corner of the screen.
  2. Tap the button labeled "Update All" to install the updates for all apps including Square and Square Register.

*You'll need to enter the iTunes password for your Apple device in order to upgrade your apps including Square. If you forget your password, you can always reset it. Reset your iTunes password.

Update the Square App on an Android Device

You can either download the app from the Square download area or update it from Google Play on your Android device using the following steps:

  1. Open Google Play, and then tap the menu button followed by "My Apps."
  2. Locate the Square app you wish to update in your list of apps and tap on it.
  3. Tap "Update" to begin the download and install the update.

*If you have problems installing or updating Square apps on your Android device, your version may not be supported or considered out of date. You can check if your device meets the required specifications on the device manufacturer’s website or your retailer.

Required Permissions to Use Square Register App

Certain permissions need to be enabled in order to use the Square Register app properly because some functions are dependent on other abilities of your mobile device. Without the required permissions to run the Square app enabled, the app will be rendered useless because it cannot communicate properly with your Apple or Android device and thus will not be able to process payments. Here are the required permissions for proper use:

  1. Microphone: Use of the microphone is required for the Square credit card reader hardware to communicate payment data to your mobile device.
  2. Camera: The Square Register app uses your camera to add your company logo and pictures of your items. While not implicitly required, access to your device’s camera is required for full functionality.
  3. Geo-location: For security reasons, Square must know the location of all transactions to eliminate fraud and reduce payment disputes that drive up costs. For this purpose, your device’s geo-location, also called GPS, must be turned on at all times when using Square apps on your mobile device.