Adjusting Square Register for Use with iOS 7

Though all of the Square apps including Square Register are 100% compatible with the latest roll out of Apple’s signature iOS 7 platform, some major changes to the system has led user of Square to make a few adjustments to their iPhone or iPad settings in order for Square Register to work properly. Square recently made this announcement after receiving a barrage of complaints about how confusing making the award-winning app function properly on iOS 7 devices seemed to be. Though the problem is very small and literally only requires flipping one virtual “switch”, it was still a big enough hassle to require a press release.The largest problem is that after updating your Apple mobile device to iOS 7, the ability for Square Register to access your microphone is disabled. This isn’t a shortcoming of either the operating system or Square’s app, but rather a new security feature to prevent unauthorized use of your microphone jack. In order for Square Register to work properly after your update, you’ll need to use take the following steps to reactivate access to your microphone:

  1. Click on “Settings” (for your device), then “Privacy”, followed by “Microphone”
  2. Locate the slider titled “Square Register” and slide it to the “On” position.
  3. Exit the “Settings” menu and launch Square Register. The card reader’s function should be restored.

If you have not yet updated your Apple device from iOS 6 to iOS 7, there shouldn’t be any effect on your settings and your installation of the Square Register app should continue to function normally. Square is working on a solution that will prompt you to activate the microphone during installation or updating of their Square Register app, but that solution will not affect devices that already had Square Register installed at the time of updating to iOS 7. If you already have Square Register installed and plan on making the upgrade to iOS 7, you will need to follow the instructions above. Optionally, you can check for an update to Square Register immediately following your upgrade to iOS 7 to see if there is a new version available that will assist you in changing the device’s settings.