Reasons for Integrating a Mobile POS System

Mobile POS systems such as Square POS are rapidly gaining popularity because they streamline a retailer’s ability to make sales and accept payments. Since the advent of online shopping, many consumers desire the ease of ecommerce. This has prompted many retailers to bring the convenience and simplicity of online shopping into their brick and mortar locations.Probably the most valuable reason to integrate a mobile POS system into your retail store is to remove the barriers that separate your store employees from the customers. By speeding up the checkout process and eliminating long waits and long lines, you can better focus on making it a more personal experience and tailor you services to the individual shoppers’ needs. This is certain to increase sales, lower your overhead costs, and create an environment that encourages repeat business.

Another important reason to integrate a mobile POS system is the cost of hardware and maintenance. Traditional POS systems require expensive hardware and are restricted to the location where it was installed. This means that you have to purchase a POS system for every location in your store where you may want to accept payments, making it an inconvenience for your shoppers and your employees. Support contracts for your POS software and hardware can cost thousands of dollars per year, and the electricity and data backup systems are both expensive and restrictive to work with.

By utilizing mobile POS technology, you are able to run your store for the entire day on a fully charged battery in your iPad or Android tablet, and conduct sales from anywhere in the store. Furthermore, because your data is securely stored in the cloud, you no longer need to worry about failed hard drives or broken computer hardware. If your iPad or Android tablet breaks or becomes unusable, you can simply replace it, download your mobile POS application, and your back up and running.

The final reason to integrate a mobile POS system into your business is the cost of taking payments. With a traditional merchant account, you are charged a ridiculous fess every month regardless of your sales volume. On top of that, you are charged an additional percentage every time you swipe a credit card, and usually need a special piece of hardware that is expensive and unreliable. With a mobile POS system, you only have to pay when you get paid. This means that you’ll save money on hardware, software, and when accepting payment. Mobile POS systems are truly a win, win, win.